Monday, 1 June 2015

Eat All You Can Dim Sum Lunch At Ming Palace, Corus Hotel: Review

Dim sum is a nostalgic delicacy as it brings back fond memories of my late uncle who so often treated me for a dim sum breakfast during my growing up years. I simply loved the dim sum back then but these days it is increasingly difficult to find dim sum outlets that serve really good dim sum. In a bid to save cost the taste of dim sum has often been compromised.  Very often I find fish balls that taste more like flour balls and ingredients like fish and prawns which are more expensive have been subtly replaced with pork which is much cheaper. It is also common to find dim sum which look different as they are fashioned in a variety of styles but taste very much alike.

I saw this promotion which I didn't hesitate to grab. I was hoping the dim sum would be excellent as Ming Palace is an award winning restaurant or so the advert says.
We were finally there. It was a Friday afternoon.
I expected a fair-sized crowd but there were only two other tables that day. I also expected to see an array of mouth watering dim sum as it was supposed to be a buffet but there was none. It started to feel a bit strange.
We have made prior reservation and a table for two has already been set in anticipation of our arrival. 
Instead of a buffet spread, an order form was placed on our table.  We were supposed to tick the items we wanted and pass it to the waiter. A walk-in guest pays RM67.30pp but the promo price was RM39pp. for this eat-all-you-can meal. New forms could be requested for new orders. 

These were what we ate that day. I'll start with items we found excellent and tantalizing.
(1) Braised chicken feet in abalone sauce.
(2) Deep Fried Radish Cake

These were the items we found averagely good.
(1) Porridge with fish, chicken and groundnuts.
(2) Steamed Fresh Scallops With Beancurd Skin
(3) Japanese Fried Dumpling
(4) Szechuan Hot And Sour Soup

These were the items we found just satisfactory
(1) Stir Fried Vegetables With Oyster Sauce
(2) Chilled Sea Coconut With Longan which was a dessert

These were the items way below our expectation.
(1) The Steamed Fish Ball was more like flour balls as mentioned earlier. But paying a lot more here, it is natural to have a higher expectation in terms of quality and taste.
(2) Steamed Barbecue Chicken Bun where both the dough and the filling were found wanting.
(3)The first bite into this Deep Fried Fish Paste With Salted Egg was nice but I had to throw out as the meat in the middle was still raw.
We ordered another plate of chicken feet which never came. The lemongrass jelly with plum never came too. Instead another basket of the steamed bun which we didn't order and which we rated poorly came. We were wondering how the waiter could get mixed up over a simple order even though there were so few guests around.
We had some fresh fruits and decided not to continue waiting. We left feeling a little disappointed over a dim sum meal that failed to really satisfy.

Ming Palace
Corus Hotel
Jalan Ampang, 
Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  03-21618888

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