Thursday, 25 June 2015

A Walk Into The Heart of Milan

Most historical sights in Milan are spread around the heart of the city. A walk around will take you back to the glorious days of its past.  
After visiting Sforza Castle, we made our way into the centre of the city. That is where Gothic Duomo and the glass domed galleria are located. Our walk started from Sforza Castle at Piazza Castello. (A piazza means a public square
There are two beautiful curved rows of building just opposite the castle.
Our walk took us through the site of Milan Expo 2015 which is also opposite Sforza Castle.
The monument of Giuseppe Garibaldi seen at the edge of Piazza Castello.
We walked through a long stretch of pedestrianized street. (Via Dante). This place is a shopping hub and many shops sell designer labels. It is indeed "the place" for die hard fashionistas.
Passed through restaurants and open air cafeterias. The Europeans simply love to dine Al fresco. 
There are rows after rows of beautiful buildings that date from the late 1800s.
Slightly hidden from the street are penthouses with nice balconies overlooking the shopping zone. Must have been homes for the wealthy.
Trams like this run all over the city. The Italians love to cycle too as we see many bicycles plying the street.
Arrived at Piazza della Scala. This is where the grand La Scala Opera House is located.
La Scala Opera House which we didn't get to go inside.
Right in the middle of Piazza della Scala is a monument of Leonardo da Vincci.
Lenardo da Vincci, the Jack of all trade who contributed immensely to the rich Italian history.
On one side of the piazza is the entrance into the glass domed galleria.
Strolled through the elegant galleria and reached the main city square where Gothic Duomo is located. This is a statue of Victtorio Emanuele II, located in the main city square.
Saw very cute 3-wheeled vehicles that are used for public transport.
We spent the whole morning here, visiting the galleria and Gothic Duomo.
Walked back through the same street we came from.
You have to pay if you want to take a photograph of him or to be photographed with him.
We headed back to Piazza Castella. That was where our bus was waiting.
That was my memorable walk in Italy's second most populous city.

If I had more time here I would have visited Santa Maria delle Grazie and Parco Sempione which are also in the vicinity.

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