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Lombok Travel Part 2: Mama Bella's Retreat , Senggigi

I stayed in four different hotels while traveling around Lombok. Each is painstakingly selected based on previous guests' reviews as I believe a great accommodation complements a good vacation. I was momentarily puzzled when the taxi driver pulled up outside our first hotel in Senggigi. The road leading up Mama Bella's Retreat was not a proper road, just a small stony path through a village where houses are haphazardly scattered and the surroundings totally unkempt. Is Mama Bella's Retreat a mistaken choice? I just didn't like what I saw.
Bamboo walls enclosed the hotel with an entrance door that is kept locked. Somehow, our presence was felt and the door sprang opened in anticipation of our arrival. 
Cottages with Balinese thatched roof in the midst of a beautiful tropical garden came into view. It was a stark contrast from the eyesore just outside the bamboo wall.
Not only are the gardens beautifully landscaped and the lawn well manicured, accommodation cottages and every building within are fitted with traditional Balinese roofs made of alang-alang leaves emanating a lovely resort ambiance. Beyond the resort is lush greenery and a luxuriant foliage that is both tranquil and calming making Mama Bella look like a little tropical paradise.

We were attended to by receptionists who spoke excellent English. The reception building is a tad too modest but that is of least concern to us.
We were given Room No 6, a Twin Superior Room at the edge of the resort.
On the way to our room we passed by the Dining Hall and the Bar which are both tiny in size. After all there are only 10 rooms in the entire resort.
We were soon in our room which is a fusion of contemporary and traditional setting.
Though not extravagant, fittings and furnishing in the room are adequate for a comfortable stay. The beds are cozy with mattresses as thick as a foot. Facilities provided include, a mini bar, a safety box, a flat screen TV, a drinking water dispenser and an electric jug. Wifi, coffee and tea are available and they are complimentary. We were also given a complimentary 10 minutes' massage.

The washroom is spacious with ample space for the toiletries, towels and clothes. 
There is a separate cubicle that is fitted with a heated rain shower.
Two bamboo chairs and a coffee table are placed at the room patio which is just the right place for a cuppa in the evening.
The swimming pool looks like a nice place to cool down on a hot day. Beach chairs, hammocks and gazebos are placed around for the convenience of guests.
Our room came with breakfast which is ala carte. 
The omelette and toast is one of the available options.
Fried rice is another available option. Breakfast is just satisfactory though.

This retreat is just 500 metres to Senggigi town center where many other food options are available. It is convenient to rent motorbikes or hail a taxi a short walk from the resort. Tour agents that arrange day tours are found in abundance in the town nearby. Overall, staying in Mama Bella's Retreat is a great experience. It is indeed a value for money accommodation for those finding a place to put up in Senggigi.

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