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Lombok Travel Part 9: Pearl Of Trawangan

Pearl Of Trawangan is an upper end resort on the east coast of Gili Trawangan. It is ideally located along the main coastal road, far enough to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy strip but near enough to reach facilities like restaurants, banks, travel agents and other conveniences on foot.
Though its distance from the harbour is only 800 meters, the main road leading to the resort is not in tip top condition and carrying or pulling a heavy luggage to check in may not be easy. However checking in and checking out of the resort are probably the only time you may need public transport (the cidomos) to get around. 
The Reception Lobby, located just a few steps from the main road road is housed in a very unique open air building with a traditional design. The roof looks like a straw hat and the pillars are made of bamboo.
The resort was completely sold out around the time I was there.The housekeeping staff couldn't cope with the heavy flow of resort guests and we got our room keys about an hour after the official check-in time (2pm). Anyway, there are toilets, lounges and free WiFi around the area.
Pearl Of Trawangan offers 6 types of accommodation. I stayed in Lumbung Suite Room which is housed in a building with traditional Sasak roof. Each unit has two rooms, one on the lower and one on the upper floor. These rooms are further away from the main road and beach area thus offer greater privacy and tranquility.
Lumbung Suite Room is very spacious. The furnishing and decor though simple are tasteful and appealing. 

Coffee and tea making facilities are available and complimentary coffee and assorted tea sachets are given and replenished daily.
Also available are a mini bar, a flat TV, a nice working table, a safety box and sufficient storage space.
The feature I like most is the exceptionally large washroom which merges with a cute garden.

The room comes with sufficient bath amenities. 4 bottles of drinking water are provided and replenished on a daily basis. WiFi is available in the room and its usage is free.
There are two lazy chairs at the room patio which faces a garden and a swimming pool.

Resort Facilities
There are two swimming pools in the resort. This gourd-shaped pool which has a waterfall at its edge is located nearer to the beach. There is a pool bar where you can order drinks and snacks here.
The waterfall at the edge of the gourd shaped pool.
The pool bar
The second pool is smaller and comes with an elevated jacuzzi. It is located in a more private area in front of the Lumbung Suite Rooms.
The resort has a 115 meters stretch of private beach with fine white sand.

It also operates a pastry shop that sells delicious cakes and pastries. Tucked in a corner is an ice cream stall where you can get tasty but not very cheap ice creams.

The one and only resort restaurant also known as Pearl Beach Lounge cooks up delectable meals at quite an affordable price. Located just beside the sea, dining here is a wonderful experience. 

We look forward to breakfast here each morning as not only are the food appetizing, the serving style and food decor are full of surprises.

The Resort Ground (Gallery)
The resort spans over a wide area making this one of the bigger resorts around the island. Even though it is not gated, it feels quite exclusive lodging here. 

These are some other types of accommodation available.

We had a pleasant stay in Pearl Of Trawangan, a hotel we would not hesitate to recommend anyone seeking good accommodation in Gili Trawangan.

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