Saturday 17 November 2018

5D/4N in Jeju: Day 2 , Visiting Jeju's Attractions

My second day in Jeju was packed with a long list of attractions in the itinerary. Below is a summary of the places I visited.

Yakcheonsa Temple
Built in 1981 by a Buddhist monk, Yakcheonsa Temple which spans an area of 122100 square meters is the largest temple in Jeju. This temple complex which consists of a main temple and several smaller buildings around it showcase a spectacular architectural design with beautiful roofs and walls, windows and ceilings that are intricately painted with a palette of beautiful colours. 
The temple ground features a landscaped park with a pond, a little waterfall surrounded by palms and other beautiful trees. The ambiance is serene and nice making this attraction worthy of a visit.

To see more pictures of this beautiful temple click on this link: Yakcheonsa Temple Photo Gallery

Joanne Bear Museum
I would have left this item out if I'd planned my own itinerary as I have little interest in teddy bears. I visited Jeju to see its natural beauty rather than man-made attractions like this. My packaged tour included this museum so I just tagged along. 
There are more than one teddy bear museums in Jeju and the one I visited in Joanne Bear Museum. We were the only group visiting it at that time and this made it a lot more relaxed and enjoyable as we had the whole museum to ourselves. I have to admit I did have fun posing here and there with the cute teddies on display. 
Joanne Bear Museum is pioneered by a famous teddy bear artist, Ms Joanne Oh. All the plush bears are handmade by Joanne with eco-friendly and natural materials. There is a wide variety of teddy bears as well as polar bears. Some are made after famous Hallyu stars like Bae Yong-Joon and even world figures like Obama. The viewing deck offers a beautiful view of the mountains and at the end of the exhibition halls is a shop selling teddy souvenirs and a cafe.

There is a viewing deck outside the museum where you get to see a fabulous view of the mountains.
Click on this link to see more pictures of Joanne Bear Museum: Joanne Bear Museum Photo Gallery

Haenyo Museum
The term Haenyeo refers to Jeju's women, who make a living by taking daily dives into the sea to gather seaweed, shellfish and abalone. This is an unusual feat as without an oxygen tank and with just a pair of goggles, these divers are able to hold their breath for a long duration while searching for sea products that can be sold as seafood to help them economically. 
Haenyeo Museum is probably one of its kind in the world and it is a museum dedicated to these female divers who are a diminishing breed in the island. A visit to this museum is educational and an eye opener to a unique culture of Jeju.

Seopjikoji is a coastal area featuring natural rock formation, a lighthouse, a row of  food stalls, scenic views & trails and a church made famous by the Korean drama, 'All In'. It is located at the tip of the central eastern shore of Jeju Island. Other than 'All-In', a few other famous Korean dramas were filmed here. To name a few are  "Gingko Bed," "The Uprising," "One Thousand and One Nights", 'My Girl' and 'The Running Man'. 

The church buiding featured in Korean drama 'All In' has been given a total makeover.

These grilled octopus from the seas of Jeju is a must try snack in Seopjikoji

The octopus pancake is unique in taste and ... super yummy. Do get one if you are here.

Sunrise Peak
Seongsan Ilchulbong also known as Sunrise Peak is one of Jeju's top attraction. Rising 182 meters asl, this steep cone was formed by a volcanic eruption 5000 years ago and has been listed as one of the World Heritage Sites. At the peak is a wide bowl-like crater. The climb may be a little tiring but it comes with the consolation of a stupendous view of coastal area below. Even though it is called Sunrise Peak, hiking up can be done at any time of the day. 

The higher you climb the more magnificent the view gets.

At the peak you'll get to see this crater that looks like a wide bowl. It is impossible to get the entire crater into my camera. This shows just a portion of it.

This is the entire crater. The image can only be taken from a helicopter or a plane.

Aqua Planet
Boasting a collection of 48000 aquatic animals from 5 different oceans and the Jeju seas, Aqua Planet is the largest aquarium in Asia. Marine life on display include large mammals like dolphins and seals and cute ones like the penguins. This makes a great attraction especially for children. There are also live shows at certain time of the day.

Mandarin Orchard
Jeju is famous for its tangerines and Hallabong mandarin oranges which are sold by fruit vendors at every nook and corner of the island. Jeju also produces authentic food products like chocolates, snacks, etc from these oranges. I had the opportunity to visit a mandarin orchard. The mandarins are not ripe for harvest though. 

Seongeup Folk Village
The Seongup Folk Villages, typified by traditional houses with thatched roofs, black lava rock walls, pitsties where the black-haired pigs are reared, stone statues and other traditional gadgets have now become a tourist attraction. The village commentator will entertain its visitors with the village's unique culture and folklores.

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