Tuesday 20 November 2018

5D/4N In Jeju: Day 3, Visiting Jeju's Attractions

We checked out of M Stay Hotel in Seogwipo after breakfast as we would be staying in the island's capital city the next two nights. A non-stop drive from Seogwipo in the south to the capital city in the north will take approximately 2 hours but we would be visiting a number of destination along the way before culminating in the second hotel. Seogwipo is kind of laid back but I've enjoyed my stay there as the pace of life is relaxing and you don't get stuck in traffic jam at all. Moving to stay in the hub of the city however was a welcomed change.

We visited only a few of Jeju's attractions on Day 3 as a few shopping stops have been incorporated into our itinerary taking up a good portion of our time. I have no complaint as my tour is actually very cheap and the Koreans, unlike the Chinese vendors from China are more civilised in the sense that there is no compulsion in getting a sales done. The shops we visited included a ginseng shop, a Korean herb shop and a cosmetic shop. The products sold are of good quality but they are not cheap at all. I ended buying quite a fair bit of skin care items. Anyway I'm not going to talk about the shopping and would only highlight the attractions I visited.

Jusangjeolli Cliff
Jeju is bestowed with many natural wonders and has been listed as one of the World's New 7 Wonders Of Nature. Among the natural phenomena in Jeju that has attracted tourists is the Jusangjeoli Cliff that was formed between 140000 to 250000 years ago. The cliff which rises to 20 meters high comprises rock pillars shaped like rectangular and hexagonal columns of varying sizes. These were formed when the lava from Jeju's highest volcano (Mount Hallasan) erupted into the sea. The cliff runs for 2 km along the Daepo coast near the Jungmun tourist complex and is a sight to behold as the naturally formed pillars look like works of stone masons.

Halla Arboretum
Halla Arboretum is a very beautiful park located not too far from the city centre of Jeju-Si. It is reachable by the intra city bus where you only need to pay 1200 won per way if you are travelling on your own. This park was established for research purposes but it is also opened to the public as a recreational garden and the entrance is free. In this expansive park, visitors get to see a good diversity in plant and tree life. The park features themed gardens like Shrub Garden, Tree Garden, Twiner Garden, Medicinal and Edible Plants Garden, Bamboo Garden, Herb Garden, Flower Garden and Endemic and Rare Woody Plants Garden along its walking trail. Most of the plants are tropical and sub tropical plants which are perenially green so there is not so much of a fall foliage even though I was there during the autumn. 

Mysterious Road
There is a road in Jeju where gravity is seemingly defied. Even though the road looks like it is sloping upwards, bottles placed at the 'lower' stretch will roll 'upwards' and cars that have their engines switched off will also move 'upwards'. This myserious road known as Dokkaebi Road is actually a 'magnetic hill or gravity hill which in actuality is a downhill slope but which appears uphill due to the layout of the surrounding land, creating an optical illusion. So the mystery of this mysterious road is solved. 

The driver of this car has purposely switched off the engine to let the car move 'upwards' on its own but in actuallty the car is moving downhill. It appears mind boggling when viewed with the naked eyes.
This ghastly statue can be seen in the vicinity of The Mysterious Road.

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