Wednesday, 28 November 2018

5D/4N In Jeju: Day 5 (More Attractions)

The days seemed to have passed by very quickly. It was finally Day 5 and our last day in Jeju. For the last 4 days we have traversed the island from the north to the south and from the east to the west so even though Jeju offers many more attractions, some man-made and some natural, five days I opine is good enough to get a good overview of this resort island. We had a couple more attractions to visit on Day 5 after which it was time to bid Jeju farewell. 

Gwandeokjeong Pavillion and Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office)
Our first destination was Gwandeokjeong Pavillion. This attraction is a significant historical site as it is one of Jeju's oldest architecture. It was built during the reign of King Sejong in 1448 by the then governor Sin Suk-Cheong as a military training ground as well as a place to strengthen the mind and soul of the soldiers. The Pavillion has been designated a National Treasure.
A stall is set up next to the pavillion where traditional costumes of the Joseon era are loaned out to visitors for free. We had fun trying on a few.

The painting on the ceilings of the pavillion are very intricate and an excellent piece of artwork indeed.

Just adjacent to the Gwandeokjeong Pavillion is Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office). The actual government buildings have been destroyed and the existing ones are just replicas that have been built in place. 
Jeju Mokgwana is a cluster of several buildings that used to be central government office where the Joseon Period Magistrate of Jeju presided over political and administrative affairs from 1392 to 1910. 

Yongduam Rock
Our last destination was a coastal area which is especially famous for a rock that has the shape of a dragon head. Yongduam Rock aka Dragon Head Rock measuring about 10 meters tall and 30 meters long is a natural creation over thousands of years due to strong winds and waves.

There is a statue of a mermaid in the vicinity that appears popular as a subject of photography.

We had one more shopping stop before proceeding to the airport. At the airport we claimed the VAT tax that has been incorporated into some of the items we purchased. After that it was home sweet home.

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One of my dream place to visit is Jeju Island and hope to visit this in the near future. Big thanks for sharing this.

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