Wednesday, 30 November 2011

* Eco-Resort in the city. ''The Villas, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa''

Urbanites! Want to enjoy nature and see a lot of greeneries but do not have time to travel very far?? I stumbled upon this place called 'The Villas at the Sunway Resort Hotel while staying at the Sunway Resort Hotel itself.
This may sound a little confusing but "The Villas" which is owned by the same hotel group and which is just adjacent to the Sunway Resort Hotel are really exclusive and luxurious  compared to the normal hotel rooms. The stylish villa design coupled with its eco-like setting and 5 star service make this a great getaway if you wish to splurge on yourselves.
The photos I post here will give you a rough idea about what to expect if  you plan to stay there.
There are only 17 villas in the entire resort.
Our checking-in was very personalised. A car came to pick us up from the parking area and  brought us straight to our villa where registration was done.
We stayed in Bayu Villa which is the biggest unit in the resort. This is the frontage of our villa.
This is the posterior view of the villa. Every unit is surrounded by lush greenery creating an eco-like setting.
There is a pantry right at the entrance to the villa.
There are coffee & tea making facilities and the convenience of a sink at the pantry.
Mineral water, coffee and tea are complimentary but the snacks are not.
The first section of the villa comprises a covered patio with its very own plunge pool.
This is a nice place to dip and laze around.
The plunge pool at night.
It would have been nice if the pool is heated as the water gets a little cold at night.
The next section is an area with a working table, a bedroom and a washroom.
WIFI is available and the usage is free.
The bedroom is very cozy and tastefully decorated.
The bed was  romantically set with two lovebirds folded from towels and pink rose petals strewn on the liner.
The bedroom opens out to a balcony, where you can enjoy nature.
The lush greeney are natural oxygen-supplement during the daytime.
The view from our room balcony. 
This beautiful fruit platter was with compliment from the resort.
Other than a TV, reading materials are provided for villa guests.
The washroom opposite the bedroom is spacious and extravagantly fitted.
This bathtub is unique as it is built into the floor.
The 3rd section of the villa is an open courtyard.
There is a pool with a little fountain here.
There is also a second entrance into the villa via this courtyard area.
The last section in the villa is the living room. Bayu Villa is probably the only unit with a living room. The living room is very lavish and you can open all the sliding doors and windows to make it real airy.
I love everything about this villa. Even the ceiling is spectacular.
Each villa comes with a swing.
The villas are built on an undulating piece of land which are interlinked by smooth pavements.
During the daytime you do hear noises due to activities from the Sunway Lagoon as this recreation park is just adjacent to the villas but at night there is complete tranquility.
These are the wall lights outside our villa at night.
Looking at this villa at night, nobody will believe it is in the midst of a very happening place.
We treated ourselves to a spa session too.
This is the treatment room. The massage may not be the best but it was refreshing.
This building called the Pavilion is the reception lounge for villa guests.We had a pre-dinner cocktail snack here and the food was great.
We were full after having a little of everything and skipped dinner.
These pillars mark the boundary separating the villas from the main hotel building. Villa guests are free to use the hotel facilities but not vice versa.
For breakfast, we hopped over to the main hotel restaurant as there is a wider variety of food there. 
Facilities like the swimming pool and the fitness center are shared by villa and hotel guests.
This is the main hotel entrance. There is a hive of activities around here as there are colleges and a shopping mall in the vicinity. It is hard to imagine there is a place like the Villas just behind, a short walking distance away. 
I will definitely recommend this resort as it meets my expectation in all these areas:

  • excellent service
  • tasty cocktail (pre-dinner) meal
  • tastefully designed and decorated villa
  • peaceful and serene environment
  • total privacy
  • a great place to unwind.


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