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* Colmar Tropicale ,Berjaya Hills

Colmar Tropicale is a French-themed Resort located in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. The buildings are supposed to be an imitation of the buildings in the old town of Colmar, France which is said to be one of  the most beautiful cities in Europe. 
It takes  slightly more than an hour to drive to this place from Kuala Lumpur. Despite its location on a hill, it can be hot during the afternoons. You'll only get to enjoy the coolness towards the late evening. This write-up is more about the resort as a whole rather than the accommodation it offers. 
 This resort is very different from others in Malaysia. The vibrantly painted buildings with  colorful roofs, cobblestone pathway and and multi-designed facades are indeed a feast to the eyes.
This is the entrance to the resort. Vehicles are not allowed through.  
Basically, the resort consists of one stretch of pedestrian street  with multi-colored buildings lined up on both sides of it. These buildings house the hotel reception, souvenir shops, restaurants, the hotel rooms and suites. 
The accommodations located on different blocks are spread out along the entire stretch of street. 
If you drive there, you'll be ushered to the basement car park which is located behind the right row of buildings as vehicles are not allowed into the pedestrian street.
Some of the rooms are located in this purple-colored building...
and some in this blue one...
Our one-bedroom suite is located almost towards the end of the street on this block.
This is another block with a different  color scheme.
 there are also rooms here...
More rooms here...
This resort is also opened to visitors who are not lodging. It is not for free though, as an entrance fee is charged on the way up the hill, way before you even reach this place.

These buildings are attractive at first glance but if you'd care to look at the details, you'll find the finishing on some buildings a little crude and "artificial"
Signage like this are hung outside the various buildings to label them.
This is the hotel reception.
After checking-in at the reception counter, we have to pull our own luggage along the street to find our room.
This is another beautiful signage, hung outside the hospitality lounge.
 La Lavande Creations craft centre is a place where you can source for your souvenir.
La Cigogne is a French restaurant offering authentic French cuisines.
La Flamme, a sidewalk deli offers pizza and pasta. 
Le Poulet Roti specializes in roasted chicken.
There is a French bakery along the street.
Le Blason Coffee House offers international buffet everyday. We took dinner and breakfast here.
 There is a swimming pool and a gym in the resort.
An attraction around the entrance area is a pond with swans and koi fish.
These are some of the things you see around the resort.
There are a number of activities you can do around the resort. Transport is provided if you want to go to the Japanese Village and Botanical Garden.
This is the souvenir shop in the Japanese Village. The pickup truck will drop off passengers about 150-200metres from this shop. Visitors have to walk up a steep road to reach here.
There is a Japanese Restaurant here too.
The Japanese Village is quite a nice place. The Botanical Garden is just nearby.
The Botanical Garden is not very well maintained though.These are some of the flowers I found there.
Oh, I almost forgot to talk about my room. We stayed in a 1-bedroom suite. It looks great on the hotel website but it isn't impressive at all when you see it for yourself. This suite has a bedroom and a separate lounge.The furnishing lacks style, the fittings look cheap, and it's not a place you'll like to spend a lot of time in.
The bathroom is very ordinary. Cleanliness is just satisfactory.
The lounge is spacious but rather uninteresting. It feels like you are in a "friend's apartment" instead of a resort.
The maintenance of the whole place is found wanting. It was probably nicer when it was just opened in year 2000. 
A maintenance staff was heard scolding foul words at his colleague in front of us. What manners is this?
You may visit this place as a day tripper but to stay here?? My suggestion is : "NOT RECOMMENDED"
These are actual pictures of Colmar, France. Colmar Tropicale is a good imitation of Colmar in France and we have to give credit to the proprietor of this resort for trying to bring a beautiful city of France to Malaysia.
More pictures of Colmar, France. Hope this is a real feast for your eyes.


Lily... said...

Hi Jaz, glad you like the post. Do visit my blog from time to time as I'll be adding new posts on hotels and resorts I've stayed in. Hoping it'll be useful to would-be travellers searching for a good hotel to stay in.

Mama Aaya said...

Hi Lily! Thanks for the info. It really helps. I would like to ask you if you know how much is the basement car park's fee, if any, for non-residing guest. Planning to make a day trip there, need to plan my budget as well. Thanks! ;)

Lily... said...

Hi Cha Cha Heaven.Basement parking is free for hotel guests but I "think" it's not free if you're just a day tripper. I do not know how much it costs to park
in the basement but you can try parking in other available areas. I do see a no of cars in the open-air areas.I do hope you have a pleasant time there.

James said...

I actually stayed there even after reading your review. Well I actually regretted as the hotel rooms are not attractive at all. It is also not cheap.
I should have just made a day trip there.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read. Will be staying there for 1 nite on 20/3/17 to 21/3/17 for our wedding's anniversary. THANKS

Lily... said...

Congratulations on your wedding.

Tri Sutrisno said...

I find the place interesting visually.. So I'm looking for a review.. But Thank God I read your blog and I decided not to stay there..

Lily... said...

But it is still a nice place to visit....the resort as a whole is very intefesting.

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