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* Grand Lexis, Port Dickson

Grand Lexis which was formerly known as The Legend International Water Homes is located along the coastal area of Negeri Sembilan, just 3.5km from Port Dickson town. It takes a mere 1.5 hours to drive there from Kuala Lumpur. Even though it is located by the sea, this hotel does not offer any beachfront for its patrons, hence there is no water sports activities whatsoever. What it can boast of is probably its resort-like accommodation that comes with individual pools and little gardens. 
This is the tower block which is also the main facade of the hotel. This building houses the reception lobby and lounge, the indoor car park (level 3 onward) and the sky villas (on the uppermost floors).
The reception area looked a little messy but checking-in was smooth.
There is a souvenir shop located on the lobby floor.
The villas come in different sizes and are built with different settings. These are the water villas which are built above the sea.
These are the garden villas which are built on land. If you drive, you have the option of parking your vehicles on the tower block or in the open-air parking area.
This photo shows one row of garden villas and a few rows of water villas.
Each villa comes with a private pool and a patio with a tiny garden. If you have the liberty of choice, I would recommend the water villas which are built above the sea as they generally command a nicer view. 
This is our villa. We got a good corner unit which offers more privacy.
This is the frontage of our villa.
We stayed in Premium Pool Villa which is above the sea. This unit is pretty large.
Our villa comes with 2 king beds, each with 4 pillows.
There is a glass window on the floor where you can look down towards the sea. Since the sea water is far from being crystal clear, this feature  is something you won't miss even if you do not have it.
The villa is well equipped. Flat screen TV, mini-bar, sofa, free Wi-Fi, fan, air-con....
There is a closet with enough space for your clothes and belonging.
There's a safety-box, bathrobes, and sandals. 
I am not sure whether every unit has this pantry area. 
The pantry is equipped with a microwave oven and crockeries.  You can cook a simple meal here actually.
These beverages are complimentary.
The washroom is spacious. There is a separate shower room and toilet.
The bath amenities are not as good though.  Shampoo,conditioner and bath gel come in tiny bottles and are hard to squeeze out.
This is our private pool, built on a semi-covered patio. The water is too cold for a comfortable dip.
You can open the sliding doors that separate the pantry area from the pool.
There is also an open-air shower beside the pool.
There is a little garden which overlook the open sea. Not all units command such a nice view I presume.
Sunset photo taken from our room patio.
These are the frontage of the water villas and these units are all above the sea. Walking along this pathway feels like walking in a quiet village.
The water villas are linked to each other.
This is the hotel public pool.
There is a gym just beside the pool area.
The hotel also rents out bicycles to interested patrons.
Tricycles like these are also for rent.
To make up for the absence of water sport activities, the hotel comes up with others like this archery range.
We had breakfast at Duyung Restaurant. There was a fair spread of breakfast cuisines.
If you do not wish to dine in the hotel, try driving to Lukut (only 5km away) instead of Port Dickson town. There are more eating places in Lukut than in PD town.
This is the night view of the hotel taken from the 3rd floor parking area at the tower block. 
Overall, I would say this is a good place to unwind and perhaps one of the best available in Port Dickson ie if you don't mind not having a beach and the sea. (If you are a beach and sea lover, I'll recommend  Avillion PD instead).


jasminOlivia said...

Interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

Sky Villas

Lily... said...
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Lily... said...

You probably want to know about the sky villas? These are located on the tower block and I think the setting is very much the same as the other villas.

Mel said...

Interesting review! Thanks for the pictures! I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and have been reading your reviews since. I was planning a family trip to Grand Lexis, but am thinking twice about it. You mentioned that not all water villas have good views. Can you give me a tip on getting a good room?

Lily... said...

Oh, what a pity. When I said good view I meant the horizon. I hope you don't let that bother you so much.

Anonymous said...

hi great blog. thanks for the images. im planning to celebratre a fren's birthday there with bbq and stuffs. do you thik its permitable?

Lily... said...

I do not see any space allocated for personal bbqs. Anyway why not write in to enquire. Who knows you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, I just stumbled upon your blog while "researching" about this Grand Lexis place and found your review quite helpful ! However, I would like to make some inquiries regarding this place and hope you'll share a bit more with me. As you've shared, Grand Lexis is not the best place for sea-lovers, I would like to ask if the beach is inaccessible by foot as my family is looking forward to beach activities and will it be troublesome to travel to the beach ?
Would love to hear from you soon, thanks and happy new year :)

Lily... said...

There is no beach in the vicinity but there are a few beaches some distance away.. The nearest is Tanjung Gemuk Beach. If you are driving, it is not a problem but if you do not have transport, it may be a bit far.
Beach (approximate distance) from Grand Lexis:
Tanjung Gemuk Beach (500m)
Bagan Pinang Beach (4.5km)
Cahaya Negeri Beach (7.5km)
Saujana Beach (8.5km)
Cermin Beach (10.5km)
Tanjuna Tuan Beach (11.4km)
Teluk Kemang Beach (13km)
Purnama Beach (18.5km)
Blue Lagoon Beach (20km)
Since you love beaches so much why not stay in Avillion Port Dickson. It has a private beach for its patrons. I love this resort very much, unfortunately I haven't started blogging when I stayed there so I didn't take photos of it.
You can email me at and if I can help you I will.

TH said...
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TH said...

Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Lexis PD.
Next time you or your friend is visiting, you can book via this site to get member discount rates at Lexis PD.

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