Saturday 3 May 2014

Hanoi Travel Part 10: Shopping In Old Quarter

Shopping is never a  priority whenever I travel. This trip is different though, as we were entitled to 60kg on Vietnam Airlines. On top of that it was a leisure trip & we had plenty of free time. Below are the things I bought.
Crispy fruit chips. [100000VND for 500g pack]
Trang Nguyen 3-in-1 coffee. [100000VND for a 50 sachet pack]
Lotus nuts - 100000VND for 500g [LHS brand] and 90000VND for 500g [RHS brand]
Peanut candy - The outer layer tastes a little like Australian nougats but it is too sweet for for my liking. Anyway it is very cheap.
Rice paper - 10000-20000 VND
Beef Jerkey - 1kg for 250000 VND
Some Vietnamese seasoning sauces and cubes.
Local Handicrafts

Also bought 5 pc casual floral pants.


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