Tuesday 11 November 2014

The most popular bak kut teh in Klang??

Want to know what we eat whenever we are in Klang?  Bak Kut Teh, of course!  
We happened to be in Klang today and headed straight for our favorite bak kut teh restaurant but sob, sob... it was closed.  We have patronized this eatery for years and we didn't know where else to look for a good bak-kut teh meal in Klang. You can brand us loyalists as far as food is concerned.
So what to do?  Ask the local Klang guys hanging around. They should know some good alternatives.  They suggest the restaurants in Taman Rashna. We didn't even know where that is but with a vague description on how to get there and after one wrong turn we found the place. It is not in Taman Rashna but it is near to SRJK (C) Taman Rashna. There are four bak-kut teh restaurants in the vicinity and we chose the one packed to the brim.
Our new found bak-kut teh restaurant is Restoran Weng Heong which occupies two shoplots in Taman Intan. The set-up is very modest and the ambiance, zero.
Every table is occupied except for a small table for two so thank God, we didn't  have to wait.
We usually eat very little for lunch and this serving is something like twice our normal consumption.
We asked for a mixture of everything  which includes the meat,  innards, tauhu-pok, fuchok, button mushrooms and a topping of lettuce. This stomach is my favorite. 
Another of my favorite - the intestine.
The meat is cooked to perfect tenderness.
The soup is slightly thickened and tasted good. It should be as it is packed with all the meaty goodness. Something is lacking though. It's the smell of Dong Quai.
It is a good bak kut teh meal.  It is also inexpensive - only RM 36.40 for everything  but...........having said all these we still prefer our old-time favorite bak kut teh restaurant which is far less popular than this one.  It's strange ! We can't remember the name of our favorite restaurant , neither  do we know the address. We only know how to get there and enjoy our bak kut teh each time we are in Klang.
Oops, we have to leave.  Two guys are already standing beside us and staring at our empty claypot, waiting to occupy our table.

Interested to try this one, we have the address and all the details. Happy Bak Kut Tehing!

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