Saturday, 17 January 2015

Crab Porridge At Its Best.

If I can only choose one meal in Kuala Selangor, it would be a meal of crab porridge at Sin Hai Ping Seafood Restaurant. I am not a porridge person but somehow the crab porridge cooked up by this restaurant is so good, it has become synonymous with 'seafood dining in Kuala Selangor' for me.
Sin Hai Ping occupies an intermediate shop lot on the left hand side of the main road going into Pasir Penambang.
After a few dining experience here,  I realised that you get more or less the same amount of porridge whether you order this dish for two or for four. The difference lies in the number of crabs put in. [So if I ever come as a foursome again, I would ask for 2 bowls for two each instead of 1 bowl for four].
With so many pieces of crushed ginger to kill the fishy taste and with  all the 'crabby' sweetness', this bowl of broth is a meal to die for. 
Another signature dish is the Crab Meehoon but I would not recommend it as the meehoon eaten on its own is very bland and tasted like the 'meehoon kosong' you buy from the marketplace. 
The 'lala omelette' is another signature dish. It looks and tastes more like fritters as it is crispy.  It is a little oily and tastewise a little above average.
This meal for four came to RM122, inclusive of Chinese tea.
This is the amount of crab shells we left behind. Fortunately our over-indulgence in these eight legged crustacean did not cause us to walk sideways when we left the place.

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