Sunday, 6 September 2015

Meals On Board Lufthansa Airline

Long flight hours is sometimes part and parcel of travelling and it is the part that I'll gladly throw away if given a choice. During a recent trip to Europe we flew Lufthansa from Kuala Lumpur to Milan with a transit in Frankfurt. Our home journey was also on Lufthansa.
The thought of a 12 or 13 hour non-stop flight in an enclosed space high above the sky is not very comforting but surprisingly these long flights are better than many that I've experienced before. The seats are comfortable with ample leg space. To kill time I've decided to watch a few good movies and to do a post on the meals served on board. By the way, I flew economy class.

Kuala Lumpur - Frankfurt (about 12.5 hours journey)

The plan took off around midnight. An hour later some snacks and a drink were served.
35 minutes after that (at 1.35am, Malaysian time) , the main meal was served. We were given a choice of pasta and chicken or beef and rice. I opted for the pasta and chicken which tasted very bland.
Ron opted for beef and rice which tasted a lot better. All other side dishes were the same. Actually this is supposed to be sleeping time back home but here we are indulging in quite a heavy meal in the middle of the night.
Our next and last meal came 10 hours later. I should now use Frankfurt time as we were approaching the continent of Europe. It is about 5.20am (Frankfurt time) when we had this breakfast. It was delectable.
All meals come with a variety of fruit juices, coffee or tea and wine or beer or you can ask for a few varieties as they are generous with beverages.

Frankfurt - Milan (About 70 minutes)
For this very short flight before reaching our final destination, we were given a sandwich and a drink. The sandwich tasted great.
Days later during our home journey
Rome To Franfurt  (Approx 2 hr journey)
We were served a piece of raspberry cake which tasted like heaven.

Frankfurt - Kuala Lumpur (Approx 12 hours)
The menu for the home journey is somewhat different.
We were given a packet of peanut and a drink (or drinks if you wish).
 The main meal I opted for was spaghetti and chicken patties.
 apple juice and tea
Ron opted for another type of pasta. They were both satisfactory.
The next and last meal came 10 hours after the main meal. 

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