Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hotel Datini, Prato: Review And Photos

Datini Hotel seems like a popular choice of hotel for travel agents that bring groups of tourists. It is located in a quiet non-happening place, about 22 km from Florence and 2km from the small town of Prato. The premise is quite isolated and no shops or restaurants are seen in the vicinity. For travelers without their own transport, its location could be a major setback.
I stayed in a double room with mountain view. The air-conditioner wasn't working, otherwise the room was not too bad. The service was sluggish and it took ages before a technician was sent to check on the air-cond. After failing to solve the problem, he brought a table fan to the room instead of offering to get a room change for us. The stay was quite uncomfortable as we were there on a hot summer day.

View from my room
Bottled water is not supplied and Wifi is free only for individual check-ins. Group check-in guests have to pay 5 Euro for usage of Wifi which is not that worthwhile as the Wifi was weak.
There is a TV, a safe, a mini-bar and coffee and tea facilities.
The washroom with its marbled floors and walls is spacious and commendable.
Toiletries provided are very basic.
In-room dining service is available. Food is reasonably priced but comes with a 5 Euro service charge for each order.
Bottled water is not given but beverages can be purchased from vending machines stationed at hallways and they are not that expensive.
The whole hotel seems to be on austerity drive as far as energy is concerned. The lobby is cozy but extremely humid and uncomfortable as the air-conditioner is turned off. The summer is exceptionally hot and you can imagine how sweaty it turns out to be even loitering around the area.
Nice but uncomfortable
There happens to be a group of guests from China who were loud and a bit rowdy. The restaurant staff in charge was quite agitated and displayed much intolerance. Unfortunately we were also recipients of his negative moods. He should have exercised patience as it is this "loud" groups of guests that contribute to the continual occupancy of the hotel. 
Breakfast menu was simple and satisfactory but we were eating under the watchful eyes of the staff I just mentioned.
The receptionist was a little arrogant too and I wonder if only Asians are treated that way?
Datini is a hotel that looks nice physically but lacks comfort, warmth and hospitality, the very core elements that hoteliers should strive to give its guests. Fortunately I stayed there for only 1 night.

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