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The best beef noodles in Seremban

I was supposed to be enjoying the charms of a cold winter in a foreign land but somehow I landed in Seremban. Sad to say, the extended travel restriction due to Covid-19 pandermic has put on hold all my vacations abroad. My last trip in February 2020 seemed like ages ago. Like it or not, in the near future I may have to contend with short local trips, day trips or half day trips just for the much needed getaway and hopefully this will not go on till the cows come home. 

By the way I have been to Seremban countless times and each time it is to satiate that gastronomical longing for a bowl of Seremban beef noodles. Seremban may be bestowed with a number of attractions but for me, the 'numero uno' attraction of Seremban has always been its beef noodles. 

There are 3 popular beef noodles proprietors in Seremban namely Seremban Main Market Beef Noodles, Quinn Beef Noodles and Yee Kee Beef Noodles. The best, which is also the one I always patronize is the one from Pasar Besar Seremban or Seremban Main Market. 

Here's my review of this beef noodles.

I have patronized this noodle stall for more than a couple of decades and the taste has remained consistent. The menu too has remained consistent. The proprietors does not see the need to add new items to attract customers, neither do they see the need to leave the humble looking business premise for a more posh restaurant.  Over the years only the price has changed. 

There are 6 items displayed on the menu board with price ranging from RM8 to RM20. Three of the items are add-ons for customers who wish to indulge in bigger portions of beefy stuffs. The 3 choices of beef noodles are dry noodles with beef and innards, soup noodles with beef and innards and dry noodles with beef only.
My favourite is the dry version. A small bowl costs RM8 and a big bowl costs RM9. The small bowl is minute in portion and it is worth adding an extra RM1 for a big bowl. Each bowl of dry noodles come with a small bowl of plain soup and a small plastic dish of chilli sauce. We ordered the beef balls as add-on which costs RM9 per bowl.

What's authentic about the beef noodles here is the type of noodles used. Unlike most beef noodles I've eaten elsewhere, the noodle from this stall is non-gluten. It is made from rice flour and it is white in colour. The sauce is thick and very flavourful. The condiments are tender beef and innards slices, fried peanuts, sesame seeds and some sourish pickles. The pickles definitely gives the noodles and added oomph. The chilli sauce is not very tasty eaten on its own but it certainly compliments the noodles when poured over it. The soup tastes much better this time around. I can't figure out what herbs/spices are used but it must be the vendor's secret.

The beef balls are delicious, especially when dipped in the chili sauce. 

For lovers of beef noodles, this place is worth the drive. 


Stall #241A (1st Floor)

Pasar Besar Seremban

Jalan Tuanku Munawir,

70000 Seremban, 

Negeri Sembilan

Phone: 012-611 2375

Open for breakfast and lunch

Note: Quinn Beef Noodle can be considered a branch of Seremban Beef Noodles as the proprietors are related. The taste is quite similar but many still prefer the ones from the market. 

Yee Kee Beef Noodles operate in Seremban town as well as Seremban 2. Similar in appearance to the beef noodles from Pasar Besar, the noodle is also served with tender beef, peanuts, sesame seeds and pickles. Tastes good but the gravy, the chilli sauce and the pickles pale in comparison to the one from my favourite stall. 

Yee Kee Beef Noodle operates from a posher looking restaurant.

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