Saturday, 21 September 2013

Fraser's Hill Part 2: Fraser's Hill Town

In this quaint little town, the pace of life seems to slow down. This is one of my favourite hill station; a place to really unwind and draw close to mother nature.
The coolness is refreshing and the lush unspoilt greeneries surrounding it, pacifying.
This township comprises a mini town square. The clock tower, located in the centre of the square  is a prominent feature and apparently a favourite spot for photography. 
Minus a few restaurants and a couple of souvenir shops, this place is almost devoid of commercial activities. People seem to stroll along casually and traffic jam is probably unheard of.
The tourism complex is the main attraction within the town square. It is beautifully landscaped with neat rows of flower beds, has gymnasium facilities and houses a restaurant and the golf club. 
This red postbox at the entrance of the post office is embedded into a pillar that is totally enveloped by green creepers. What an eco-charm!
The almost century old police station.
The outpatient health clinic.
The golf course
Kheng Yuen Lee Chinese Restaurant.
Puncak Lodge which rents out dormitories to tourists.
The public toilet.
A short distance from the town square.
Public walkway.
The town at night.
Puncak Inn and the town square at night.

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Unknown said...

Dear Lily
Thank you so much for sharing the information on Fraser's Hill.
Just wondering if you could provide a map of Fraser Hill so we could find our way to the places that you mentioned. As we do not have a vehicle to bring us around, it would be very helpful if we can have a map of the place.
Many thanks!
Kind regards

Lily... said...

Hi Wendy, I do not have a map of Fraser's Hil at the moment but there are a few ways you can get one. Go to google search and type "map of Fraser's Hill" and then click images. You can choose the one you like and print it out. Alternatively, you can go to the info centre at Puncak Inn which is right in the town square, you won't miss it and ask for one. If u do not have own transport, some of the places you see on my posts would be too far to walk, eg Jeriau Waterfall. Anyway hope u enjoy Fraser's Hill.

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