Monday, 23 September 2013

Fraser's Hill Part 4: Madame In A Bubble

Allan's Water is a small lake in Fraser's Hill that offers recreational activities like paddle boating. There was something new when I visited this place. It was the water ball!

The rate was RM6 per 15minutes for paddle boating and RM10 per 10 minutes for the water ball.
The ball was unzipped, deflated and madame hopped in.
It was slowly inflated again by an air pump.
When it finally attained its maximum size madame had to get the ball into the water by running towards the water from the platform. 
The art of balancing was no joke. It was a formidable challenge indeed.
Fell tens of times and got the wrist twisted.
Undaunted each time, madame tried again. 
Some proud moments to share. Madame managed to make a few short runs in the bubble.
It was suffocating as the air got thinner. Had to take a break before Madame finally called it quits.

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Kaki Jalan said...

Looks interesting. I must try.

Lily... said...

Tell me your experience after trying it.

Lily... said...
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