Friday, 27 September 2013

Fraser's Hill Part 5: Where To Eat In Fraser's Hill?

There are not many eateries in Fraser's Hill. This is understandable as the number of tourists and the local population may not be able to support a vibrant food business here. (Fraser's Hill is less popular compared to other hill resorts in Malaysia and the population is just about 1000).
There are 4 restaurants at the town square area. One of them is "Restoran Mimi Strawberry" which is located at the Sports Complex. This restaurant does not provide printed menus for its patrons. All the items in the menu are displayed on the wall as seen in the picture above. It is a little peculiar to have to walk along that stretch to view the menu before ordering our meal.
The ambiance is not bad though as the golf course is just behind while the front faces some beautiful flower beds.
The service was exceptionally slow and it took an hour's wait for this plate of fried rice. Taste-wise, it was OK.
Scott's Pub and Restaurant is also located at the town square. This restaurant serves local as well as western cuisines and alcoholic beverages. 
The bar at Scott's Pub & Restaurant.
Restoran D'olio which is owned by Puncak Inn seems quite popular among visitors.
This fair-priced restaurant serves a variety of cuisines.
Menu from D'olio Restaurant.
The building in white is Shahzan's Inn. The inn's restaurant provides another choice for dining at the town square.
Kheng Yuen Lee Restaurant is the first restaurant you'll pass by upon entering Fraser's Hill. This Chinese restaurant which is located very near to the town square was closed during my visit.
There is a food garden with about half a dozen food stalls along Pine Tree Road. This place is about 1 - 2 km away from town area.
It was festive season and many stalls were closed during our visit to the food garden. Did not have much of a choice so we dined at Arzed restaurant as it was the only one opened.
Arzed's lamb chop
Arzed's fried rice was very oily.
This is Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel, located some distance away from the town area. You can also choose to dine here.

Another place I have not mentioned is the eatery beside the mosque, a short distance from the town square. This eatery serves Malay cuisines.

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bayi said...

Gerai Hamzah is a good place to eat too. It's next to the mosque.

Lily... said...

Thanks for the info. I'll visit it my next trip..

Anonymous said...

All Malay food. Either too sweet or too salty. That's why more malays dying of sickness.

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