Friday 13 September 2013

Fraser"s Hill Part 1: Flowers Of The Hill

I enjoy looking at flowers more than diamonds that sparkles as.....
Flowers are God's most beautiful creation that heals even the weary soul....
Adore their resplendence. 
Seek solace in their splendor.
                                                          And draw near to their Maker                 ~lily 2013

These are pictures of flowers I took during my recent vacation in Fraser's Hill. I'll try naming them but I may not get all the names right. So flower experts, do forgive the mistakes.
 Dahlias - At vegetable and strawberry  farm next to Allan's Water
Yellow Roses - Sports Complex
Pink Roses- Sports Complex
Purple bulb flowers
White Dahlias- Strawberry And Vegetable Nursery
Marigold -
Amarilis - Strawberry and Vegetable Farm
Pink Azaleas
quesnelia arvensis
Pink Impatiens Hawkeri - Sports Comples
Pink and  Red Impatiens Hawkeri - Sports Comples
Red Rose- Sports Complex
Pink Rose
Purple daisies??
Yellow Dahlias - Sports Comples
Multi Coloured Periwinkles
Lollipop flowers - Jalan Genting
Cleome or Spider Flowers
Cleome or Spider Flowers
Orange Rose
Bengal Cockvine - Outside Scott's Pub
Pink Azalea
Anthuriums - Puncak Lodge
Glory Princess Bush
A wild flower (Turneraceae??)   - roadside
Pink Daturas - Near Grocery Shop
Pink Daturas - Near Grocery Shop
Yellow Daturas - At Malay restaurant near the mosque
Wild Snapdragons? - along the roadside
Marigold - Puncak Lodge
?? - at the public toilet
Neat rows of multi colored Impatiens Hawker- Sports Complex
Wild Snapdragons? - along the road
Orange Colored Impatiens Hawkeri - Sports Comples
Red Begonias


sam lee said...

hi, my husband and i have choose Fraser Hills for our pre-wedding shooting. can you suggest some nice place for us? THE ENGLISH GARDEN ,Fraser’s Hill Garden is it located next to the public park and is within walking distance of Ye Olde Smokehouse? Since 1994 i never go there again. How about the TRAFFIC CONTROL, to go up and down?

Lily... said...

Hi Sam, Fraser's Hill would make a good choice for wedding photos. The all-day cool weather would definitely lessen the discomfort of a heavier make-up and long bridal gowns. I have not visited the English themed garden but I believe it should be a great place. You can move around a few other places for the photo shoots like the town square area ( with the clock tower and the flower nursery at the sports complex ) which should be free as they are public places. Ye Old Smokehouse Hotel is also another option but I think you will have to pay to use this premise.You can also take a few shots outside some heritage bungalows.
Regarding traffic, it's been some time since a new road is created for vehicles descending the hill. So you can go up anytime (1 way traffic) and come down anytime too (1 way traffic).
Hope you take some wonderful wedding shots. Regards, Lily

sam lee said...

Nice... I really like the photos that you took in Fraser Hill. i can feel the air is fresh, flowers is colourful and green trees. Also love the architecture of the buildings there..
thanks for sharing ...

SK said...

Hi could I know if this is a suitable location for a garden wedding?

Lily... said...

To conduct a wedding there will definitely need permission from the city council. There is a golf club in the sports complex. Probably you can make arrangement with the management.

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