Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Taiping Trip Part 1: Taiping A Good Place To Retire?

I didn't really think very much of Taiping until this recent trip. After having spent a little more time here, I have to conclude that Taiping does have its charm. This small town has many things to offer. There is a lake garden (Taiping Lake Garden) , a hill (Maxwell Hill), the sea (Kuala Sepetang) and lots of greens. The town is relatively unpolluted and inexpensive to stay in. The food is not only cheaper than in most other towns, taste wise they match up with delectable food found elsewhere too. The residents are simple, friendly and helpful - all in, a package that is hard to get anywhere else. This trip makes me ponder whether I should retire here. Hmm.....Should I?
Taiping Town
Taiping Town - Still relatively unpolluted.
Taiping Market: The longest I've seen in Malaysia
Taiping Town: Near the market place.
Taiping Lake Garden
The rain trees beside Taiping Lake.
 Lush greeneries are common sights in Taiping.
Food, glorious food of Taiping.
Kuala Sepetang- where the river mouth meets the sea, just 15km from Taiping.

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