Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Moscow: GUM Department Store

GUM Department Store is the  largest and most famous shopping mall in Russia and it is a Must-Visit if you are in Moscow. This building stretches a whopping 242 metres along the border of Red Square and boasts of very impressive and exquisite architecture. 
The designer of this building deserves a meritorious honour as the creativity and details seen in both the exterior and interior are just mind blowing!
This mall was established more than 120 years ago (in 1893) and is still successfully operating as a top shopping centre in Russia. And even after that long, it still exudes a lot of class and elegance.
Shops are spread over three floors and the whole set-up looks very posh and extravagant.
It has many retail outlets and fine restaurants but it is actually a whole trading block complete with pharmacies, bank branches, art galleries, etc. 

It has very spectacular glass roofs, almost similar to the Glass Domed Galleria in Milan. (click to view and compare)

GUM catered to the top echelons when it was opened more than a century ago. Today it is still an upper end shopping mall selling famous international brands.
The things are nice to look at but they are very expensive and for those seeking good bargains, this may not be their shopping haven.
For this group which includes me, it suffices to just take a strolls along the aisles and gaze at all the beautiful things in the beautiful shops.

At the centre is a lovely fountain, a favorite hangout and meeting place for the public.
There are cafeterias that open out to Red Square. 
They look so alluring with flower plants around them.

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