Monday 21 April 2014

Hanoi Travel Part 6: Savoring The Aroma Of Vietnam Coffee

I have tasted Vietnam coffee during my previous two trips and I simply loved it. Savoring Vietnam coffee and buying Vietnam coffee home are needless to say, 2 items on my 'must-do' list this time.
There are many cafes in the The Old Quarters of Hanoi where you can hang out over a cup of the aromatic brew. We took a break from our long walk and enjoyed a cup of filtered coffee while watching people passed by at Hang Be Street.
This is our drip coffee which is usually accompanied by a glass of hot water. The filter is a small pot with a chamber for coffee and room for hot water. It has a cap over it to complete the brewing. This cup cost 25000VND (approx RM4.20)
Our brewed coffee is thick and strong with an exotic aroma. Some prefer it with condensed milk. You can enjoy a 2nd cup by pouring the hot water into the filter after consuming the 1st cup. 
Our quest for good coffee brought us to Cafe Pho Co at 11 Hang Gai Street, reputedly famed for its egg and yogurt coffee. This place is inconspicuous as it is located deep inside a narrow pathway which is hidden by some apparel shops on the busy Hang Gai Street. (Ask the shopkeepers when you reach Hang Gai Street and they should be able to guide you to this place)
              A dark and narrow pathway followed by steep and winding stairs.
We were finally at the famous Cafe Pho Co overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake.
I was eager to come to this place as I have never tasted egg or yogurt coffee before. The egg coffee (40000VND) was all foamy and frothy. It was fragrant but I didn't like the texture as it felt like drinking foam instead of coffee. The iced yogurt coffee (35000VND) was not bad but I still prefer my coffee without eggs, yogurt or whatever.
This cafe sells Trang Nguyen brand of coffee, which is the No 1 brand in Vietnam.
I came across a very narrow cafe. Cafe 37 is only 8 feet wide.
A cafe in Hang Giay Street
A shop selling a few coffee brands

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