Monday, 21 April 2014

Hanoi Travel Part 7: Dong Xuan Market

It was a good thing that my hotel was just a 2 minutes walk to the market as I simply love visiting markets. Dong Xuan in the Old Quarter of Hanoi is the biggest wholesale market in the city. Even though it is mostly reserved for bulk sale, loose items are readily available to shoppers and this is a place you can get Vietnamese products at great bargains. 
The main gate is located on Dong Xuan Street but the market can also be accessed from Cau Dong or Hang Khoai Street.
This market sells a diverse range of products from fresh produce, household items, clothing, shoes, toys, bags to souvenirs etc. and serves as a distribution point for both suppliers and city retailers.

If you can't speak Vietnamese, there's always the calculator to help you do the bargaining.
She was grinning from ear to ear as we complimented her as "Number One".
Be sure to buy lotus seeds here. They make great snacks.
We got most of our things here as they are cheaper than at other places.
Beef jerkey - a Vietnamese delicacy
The seafood section.
giant crabs

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