Monday 21 April 2014

Hanoi Travel Part 8: The Street Peddlers Of Old Quarter

There is a sizeable number of street peddlers in Hanoi travelling about mostly on bicycles and on foot merchandising all types of wares. It is interesting to note what these people sell and how they go about doing their business in the busy streets of Hanoi Old Quarter. These peddlers who are mostly women are really a tough lot. The weight of goods they shoulder walking street to street for hours is a manual task only the hardy will endure.
They appear in big numbers before noon but by late afternoon many would have called it a day.
A street peddler peddling household items
Sweet potatoes, tapiocas and groundnuts.
Mangoes and watermelons
A peddler on bicycle selling a tomato-like fruit. Notice the traditional scales used for weighing
My heart really goes out to this blind woman who peddles brooms. She moves through the street with the help of a bell.
Shopkeepers and residents of houses hidden deep inside narrow alleys between shop lots comprise the bulk of customers for these street peddlers.
Seen here is an alley between 2 shops.  A few residential homes are located deep inside.

A snack peddler at Hang Chiew Street

How did she manage to handle fishy stuff like that without running water? I really wonder.
A variety of shellfish & vegetables
Some Vietnamese delicacies

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