Monday 1 September 2014

Felda Residence Hot Springs, Sungkai Perak: Review And Photos

It has been some time since I last stayed in a hot spring resort. The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat, Ipoh certainly brought back pleasant memories as I thoroughly enjoyed my 3D/2N stay there. This time round I'm trying out a hot spring resort managed by Felda Travel, also located in the state of Perak.
Felda Residence Hot Springs is built in the midst of an an oil palm estate, about 10km from the town of Sungkai. The 10km of properly tarred road with hardly any traffic makes driving there a real breeze.
The resort is not too far away upon reaching Sungai Klah Village, a charming little village adorned with many flower plants.
The entrance to the resort is easy to spot as it is just beside the Sungai Klah trunk road.
Upon checking in, we were given breakfast vouchers and entrance wrist bands for free unlimited visits to Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park  (just adjacent to the residence) The lobby lounge was quiet as we were the only two checking in. During our stay there were probably only ten or so other resort patrons around.
There are basically two types of accommodations - the rooms or the villas (with 1,2 or 3 bedrooms). We opted for the deluxe room.
The villa comes with a separate lounge, a private outdoor jacuzzi pool and a private patio. 
The rooms are housed in these buildings. Each block houses eight deluxe rooms, four downstairs and four upstairs.
The Chalet Room (or Deluxe Room)
Our room is on the upper floor but the air-conditioner wasn't functioning, so we moved to the one adjacent to it.
The room was moderately appointed but surprisingly very spacious.
The washroom is fitted with a heater, the toiletries are basic and the cleanliness is satisfactory.
The room exterior.
Bicycles are available for rent but all corners of the resort including the hot spring park are within walking distance.
The staffs were actively promoting their spa service which includes the traditional Malay massage.
At the spa villa
Since the town is pretty far away we opted to dine in the resort restaurant. 
That particular buffet dinner happened to be a special event for the resort staffs  [it was a get together for breaking of fast, as I was there during the Muslim fasting month] so there were lots of items on the menu. For RM25 per head it was really a value for money meal.  

Breakfast the next morning was simple but satisfactory.

The main attraction of this resort is Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park which is also owned and managed by Felda. Guests of this resort have unlimited access to the facilities in the park which include the hot spring pool, the cool pool and the therapeutic garden.

A one night stay here is more than sufficient as it gets a little boring with nothing new to do or see after a while. Overall the resort is not bad but it is nothing like The Banjaran Hot Spring Retreat in Ipoh (click to view).

Click here to view the facilities and attractions at the resort park:
Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park


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