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Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park, Sungkai

Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park which is about 10km from the town of Sungkai is located in the midst of oil palm estates near the foothills of Titiwangsa Range. 
It is managed by Felda and forms the main attraction for resort guests staying in Felda Residence Hot Springs. Resort guests have unlimited access to this park which is just 150 metres walking distance away. This park is opened to the public as well.
Chart showing entrance fees to the park for the public
Map of the park
The attractions are listed as follows:
1. The hot pool  
The hot pool gets its source of heat from underground
Many believe in the healing properties of hot spring water but it is definitely uncomfortable to dip inside on a hot day.  (Hot + Hot made me a little sick that day)
The hot pool is very shallow and is not appropriate for swimming.

2. The cool pool  
In contrast to the hot pool, the water in the cool pool is cold - too cold in fact for a comfortable dip or swim. There is a fountain and slides which the children may probably enjoy.  A part of the pool is deep enough to swim in.

3. The Therapeutic Park  
The therapeutic park features a number of smaller pools with varying temperature for dipping and a pebbled reflexology walkway.

Some of the pools are covered and some, open-air.

4. Private jacuzzis   
The park also rents out jacuzzi pools with  private rooms for those who prefer privacy.
This hot water jacuzzi will be turned on if it is rented.
The jacuzzi comes with its own private room. (not for staying though)

5. The egg boiling station  
The pool at the egg boiling station is hot enough to boil eggs. You can also boil cockles, crabs, or other seafood - that's what the notice says.
There is a kiosk selling raw eggs for interested visitors. A signboard says outside eggs are not allowed. 
[Notice the clock at the centre of the counter - that's for you to keep egg boiling time, whether it's half boiled or fully boiled eggs that you want.]
It is small business, but business nevertheless.
Our egg boiling experience.
Believe me if I say the eggs boiled here are a tad tastier than the ones boiled with tap water.

6. The Natural Sauna  
A walk along this raised wooden platform will lead you to a gazebo where you can enjoy natural sauna as the gazebo is built above natural streams of hot water.

The facilities in the park include washrooms, toilets, open showers and sinks at sporadic locations. There are also a number of F&B outlets including ice-cream kiosks.

Rumbia Cafe 

This park is not a bad place to visit but do not come here on a hot afternoon or a very hot day as the double heat may make your visit rather uncomfortable.

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