Saturday, 21 March 2015

Tasmania Travel Pt 1 : Cheapest Flights To Tasmania And Arrival At Hobart

I've been wanting to visit Tasmania from days of old. The reason I dilly-dally till now is probably because there is no direct flight to Tasmania from Malaysia and to book two different flights while matching the arrival and departure time of each flight is quite a hassle for me.
By the way travelling in Australia can be quite an expensive affair for a Malaysian. Not only is the cost of living higher in Australia, there is the currency exchange factor to consider as well. (1AUD = RM2.92). I am not really on a budget but since I travel so much I do try to save by looking out for the best available deals.
The cheapest way to get to Tasmania is to take an Airasia flight from KL into Melbourne and a Jetstar flight from Melbourne into Hobart. All in I paid RM1425 for the return tickets which I think is a pretty good deal. 
The flight into Melbourne takes about 8 hours. We immediately lost 3 hours when we arrived. (already 12am in Melbourne but only 9pm in KL). The connecting flight is at 6am, another 6 hours to go. 
To check into an airport hotel for a couple hours of sleep would be sheer wastage. Ever heard of free beds at an airport?? Ron is sleeping on one. It may not be that comfortable but sleep we must as we have to get adjusted to the new time in Tasmania the next day. (By the way Tasmanian time is the same as Melbourne time)
We board our next plane before the break of dawn. For a change it is good to be served by older and plump air stewardesses on Jetstar.
The flight from Melbourne into Hobart (capital of Tasmania) takes a little over an hour. Hobart airport is very small. There is only one conveyor belt at the arrival hall and it didn't take long for us to check-out. 
Hobart Airport.
Hobart city is about 18km from the airport and there are 3 options to get there.
The first option is to use the airport shuttle bus. This bus charges AUD18 per person and will be waiting outside the airport upon the arrival of every flight into Hobart. 
It will drop passengers at gazetted stops in the central business district (CBD). Passengers can alight at the stop nearest to their hotel and depending on how far their hotel is to the nearest gazetted stop, they may have to pull their luggage (between a few metres to a few hundred metres) to their hotel. 
The second option is to take a taxi which is slightly more expensive. We decided on this option as the taxi driver charges AUD40 (only AUD4 extra compared to the shuttle for 2pax) and will drop us right at the hotel entrance. This will save us some energy pulling our heavy luggage. (The roads in Hobart are very undulating and many have steep gradient).
The last option is to rent a car. There are many companies that rent out cars just opposite the airport. We didn't find this the best option as for the first 3 days we do not need a car at all and for the remaining days the places we are travelling to are too far and remote from the city. Fuel is also very expensive in Tasmania.

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