Monday 30 March 2015

Tasmania Travel Pt 5: See Hobart On Hop On Hop Off Red Decker

One way to get a comprehensive overview of Hobart City and its suburb is to get on the Hop On Hop Off Red Decker. This Red Decker bus operates daily and makes between three to five city loops each day depending on the season (peak or off peak). 
Tickets for the Hop On Hop Off can be purchased at Tasmanian Travel And Information Centre (the building in red) which is situated at the corner of Davey and Elizabeth Street. This place is also the main depot to board the bus. 
Inside the Travel Centre
The Travel Centre not only provides travel information for visiting tourists, it also offers various types of tours around Hobart and other parts of Tasmania.
The Hop On Hop Off bus will make a 90-minutes city loop with 20 different stops that features the best sights and attractions of Hobart. Passengers can opt to hop off at any of the 20 stops or stay on board. Passengers that hop off can hop back onto the next bus following a detailed time table which is given to every passenger and which you can be rest assured of its punctuality.  A day's pass cost AUD25 pp and a 3-day's pass cost AUD30. We opted for the 3 days pass but was only charged AUD25pp. With the pass you can go for unlimited number of loops available.
The lower deck
There are two types of buses: with roof and open-air. We opted for the open-air upper deck to get a 360° view. All the photos below are taken from the Hop On Hop Off bus.
The bus makes stops at Battery Point and Salamanca Place which we visited earlier on. These are tourists hotspots.
Battery Point
Wrest Point Casino
Sandy Bay
Cascade Brewery
Those interested to tour Cascade Brewery for instance, will hop off the bus here. After a lapse of 1 to 2 hours (depending on the number of loops made that day) the passengers can hop back onto the next bus at the scheduled time. A separate fee is charged to tour Cascade Brewery which is not included in the bus ticket.
The bus driver also acts as the narrator, explaining things we see along the way.
One of the stops is at the city centre of the Central Business District.
Elizabeth Mall
Tasman Bridge, across Derwent River
Another interesting stop is at Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, a top tourist attraction of Hobart. We utilised this bus service to visit the garden the next day and saved money on transportation.
Cenotaph And War Memorial
The wharf
             A huge cruise ship, 'Diamond Princess' was seen docking at Macquarie Wharf.
We managed to get a close view of the cruise ship as our bus slowed down for passengers (from the cruise ship) to alight.
The bus completes its city loop at Travel Centre which is also the place it started.

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