Friday, 1 May 2015

Buffet Lunch At Putrajaya Shangri-La : Review And Photos

Shangri-La has a way of rewarding its loyal and frequent guests. To date we've stayed in a number of Shangri-La hotels and have become recipients of its Golden Circle Award Points that are redeemable for hotel stays, dining or spa. The points we collected however, are just sufficient to redeem hotel meals. We could choose to dine at any Shangri-La group of hotels which include Traders Hotel and Kerry Hotel but we decided on Putrajaya Shangri-La as it is a relaxing place not too far from home.
From the hotel lobby we peeped down at Palm Hill Cafe where we were going to dine. There were not many guests that Saturday.
Putrajaya Shangri-La is somewhat different from most hotels which see bigger crowds on weekends. I was told lunch crowds are bigger during weekdays as many dining guests are government servants/officials from Putrajaya itself. Buffet lunch is also cheaper during weekends compared to weekdays!
Some main dishes
I am familiar with this hotel as I've stayed here once before. (Click to see: hotel review)
The seafood section
The appetizers and starters
The desert section
Cakes served in petite dishes make them look very appealing.
The 'kueh' or local cakes
 The display of food in this post is not the complete array of food served on that day.
I think there were 2 types of soup. I only tried this cream of mushroom soup. It was slightly better than average.
Served in a pretty petite dish, this starter scored many brownie points for presentation but taste wise, it was quite ordinary.
A rather bland starter.
The main dishes included 3 varieties of spiced rice - jeera rice, roz bukhari rice and briyanni rice. There were clam curry and other types of spicy curries and dishes to go with the rice and I thoroughly enjoyed these savoury dishes.
Went back for more of the delectable dishes.
Tried their curry laksa which must have been a fusion of different flavours. This is 'neither here nor there' type of laksa and I just couldn't appreciate it.
Had a good helping of the different types of cakes. Mostly a tad too sweet but quite nice.
These are very filling stuffs and I normally avoid taking these local kueh. But frankly my partner finished most of it.
Had vanilla ice-cream. It was Ok.
I love to eat but basically I'm a small eater and to pay for a very expensive buffet is usually "rugi business" for me but once in a while it's a treat. Anyway this meal is totally free.

My overall experience dining here:
Service: The service was really excellent! Staffs are well trained and are absolutely courteous!
Variety: For almost RM90nett, I feel the guest should be offered a bigger variety.
Food Taste: A few items tasted bland, a few were average, a number were very delicious and 
                        delectable. The coffee was aromatic and nice.
Food Quality: Not bad but could have been better. 


srik said...

superb restaurant.!

Lily... said...

Ya superb in service. All the nasi too!

syaikal said...

saya suka foto fotonya!!!
coba kamu ke Indonesia,banyak juga kuliner yang enak,salah satunya di kota makassar,di situ ada namanya Pallubasa.makanan paling enak di makassar(traditional food)

Lily... said...

Sudah banyak kali saya ke Indonesia tetapi belum pernah ke Makassar. Saya akan ingat pesanan Syaikal untuk makan di Pallubasa bila ke situ suatu hari nanti.

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