Sunday 3 May 2015

KL Bird Park, A Bird Lover's Paradise

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I spent a whopping 5 hours at KL Bird Park recently getting up-close and personal with my new found feathered friends. Located just 10 minutes from the city centre there is much to learn and experience in this walk-in free flying aviary which is reputed to be one of the largest in the world. With over 3000 birds of various species from across the globe, and spanning 21 acres of lush vegetation with natural streams, ponds, waterfalls and a beautiful landscape, this place is almost a paradise for bird lovers. 
Doors at the entrance and adjoining the various zones in the aviary are three layers thick. That's to make sure the birds are safely kept inside.
They Interact With You!
Birds are normally people-shy and they'll fly away as soon as your presence is felt but here the birds are so used to seeing people that some have learnt to interact with them. You do not need to use big telescopes to do bird watching here as you'll get to see them at close range. 
 They'll pose for you.
They'll walk with you.
They'll talk to you.
They'll peck at you.
They are curious about you.
They'll show off to you.
They expect to be fed by you.
They'll shyly peep at you.

Beautiful Curves
Each species of bird has its own set of attributes. Some are hilarious and some wonderfully charming.
A gorgeous twist of the body, better than the yoga expert.
Do you know the flamingos sleep with one leg folded up?
Slender yet graceful!
Look out for the two perfect "S"s
They must all be in dreamland now.

Safe Haven & Family Privacy
You will have to be extra observant to snap these photos. Tucked away in their safe haven, blending themselves with the natural habitat, these birds need moments of privacy.
They feel safe high up on the tree.
Father, mother and the almost inconspicuous baby.
You hide but i can see!

Natural Beauty
There are birds bestowed with untold beauty.

World Of Parrots
Most birds fly freely under high nets sprawling above the aviary but the parrots here are not so lucky as they are put into smaller aviaries. Don't be surprised when you hear "Helouuuu" or "How are youuuuoo" while walking along these parrot enclosure as some parrots are trained to greet the visitors.

Feeding Frenzy
It's feeding time. They can smell the fish from afar and just watching this frenzy is fun.
Oh no no! That's a stone not a fish.
Yummy, yummy, I'm going to eat my porridge!

Happy Couples
Birds mate and breed freely in this park. Caught a few pairs dating.
Mother and baby.
We're good friends!

Cooling Down
Malaysian weather is hot as expected but the day's heat has been reduced by at least 10% because of the high nets above our heads. Anyway there are many streams for these birds to enjoy a cool getaway.

Posing In Solitude

Exotic Beauty
The Western and Victorian Crowned Pigeon with its queenly crown is a little arrogant. 

Birds From The South
The Cassowary cooling down in a bath tub
The Ostrich

They Are Everywhere.
Where are you going?
To the roof for a change.
To the food kiosk. Wanna meet the diners.
To the rock gardens.
To the waterfall to enjoy the view.

The Bird Show
There are two bird shows held at the open-air amphitheater in Zone 4  every day.The show starts at 12.30pm and 3.30pm and entrance is free for visitors.
The amphitheater
Waah, so clever!

Bird Gallery And Education Centre
A place you can learn about birds and egg incubation
Mummified birds are kept in the gallery.

The Facilities
Facilities include food kiosks, snack kiosks, restaurants, toilets, and souvenir shops.
Flamingo Food Kiosk
Hornbill Gift Shop And Restaurant
Peacock Gift Shop

Tropical Paradise
Just take a leisurely stroll to enjoy the rock gardens, the koi pond, the waterfalls and the streams in this landscaped park.
And don't worry, it won't be unbearably hot. There are plenty of shades, lots of trees and nets high above your head. Better still just don a wide hat! 

The official website of KL Bird Park is comprehensive and informative and for details like how to get there, entrance fees, etc do visit KL Bird Park Website.


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Fantastic photos! Love your post. Marcus

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Thanks Marcus.

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wow this is an awesome park literally , we should visit it to take an advantge of looking at the natural beauty from close !

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