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Penang: Wonderfood Museum

Penang has recently added a few new attractions that are worth visiting. One which I find quite interesting is Wonderfood Museum located at 49, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown. 
Wonderfood Museum is a gallery that showcase food replicas and models depicting the diverse food culture of Malaysia in general and Penang in particular. While food replicas have now become a common sight at display cases in restaurants, those found here are rather amusing. This museum which made its debut in November 2015 is the brainchild of Sean Lau who is both its owner and the artist.  
This gigantic bowl of ice kacang at the entrance of the museum with the message "This is Not Big. The Biggest is Inside" is a prelude to the exhibits which doubles up as an effective enticer to solicit visitors.
The museum is divided into three main zones. The first, called Info Zone features food and delicacies that Malaysians love to eat. As we are a multi cultural society, there is diversity in the food exhibited which numbered more than 100 types. 
The exhibits include food that are authentic to the various races living in Malaysia.
This is a typical Chinese festive meal.
These are common dishes sold in a Mamak restaurant.
There is also a display of popular street food which is easily available at every nook and corner in the country.
Among the display is a miniature section. This miniature model shows the art of making and preparing Malaysia's popular food.
This model depicts a night market scene
This one depicts a food culture of the good old days.
This is a scene where only the older generation had a chance to experience.
And this display may bring back a lot of nostalgia for some.
The Wow Zone is what makes the museum hilarious and entertaining. The idea to make food replicas this humongous is brilliant as it has undoubtedly emanated an ambiance of food wonderland. 
The museum is fun as the props are interactive. It is also manned by super friendly staffs who would offer to help you pose and take photographs for you.
If you'd care to let your your imagination run wild a bit, having nice things with XXXL sizes to 'eat'  like this can be quite thrilling.
Like most food replicas on display, this gigantic plate of replica oyster omelette is made to look delicious maybe even more delicious than the real thing. It is therefore not advisable to visit this museum if you are very hungry because you may drool non-stop. LOL!!
What I like about this museum is the exhibits which include all my favorites like this plate of fruit rojak....
.... and this roti canai with dipping curry that looks so real.

The last gallery called Educational Zone is meant to create food awareness. I particularly like this section which display the total amount of food an average person would have consumed in a year as this has been one of the lingering things in my thoughts.
This display is about the sugar content in the various food we eat.
There is a room with the most expensive food in the world as the material used in the food replicas include real gold.
"Would you continue to eat shark's fin in spite of the inhumane killing of so many sharks just for a bowl of its fin soup?" is the strong message to get across in this display.
This evocative model serves to remind us that we should neither over indulge nor waste precious food.
Aha, one last post with this huge fried egg before we exited. 
We left the museum feeling rather entertained.

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 Sean Lau: Museum Owner And Artist

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