Wednesday, 22 August 2018

46 pictures that may make you want to put Cesky Krumlov in your bucket list

I was mesmerized and enchanted by Prague but Cesky Krumlov really got me bowled over. I love everything about this small town and would have regretted not visiting this gem after making it that far to Czech Republic.

Cesky Krumlov which is renowned for its medieval charm is one of Czech's favoured destination attracting more than a million visitors each year. It is located about 180km from Prague and took a little more than 2 hours to get there by bus. It has a small population of only 14,000 so the number of locals walking its streets will probably be outnumbered by the throng it receives each day. In spite of this it has not lost its middle age charm.

It's geographical setting around a couple of very sharp bends of Vltava River is an added attribute contributing to its panoramic allure especially when viewed from a high ground. The highlights of Cesky Krumlov is its ancient castle complex overlooking its old town on which stands more than 300 historic buildings. Just like Prague Old Town, Cesky Krumlov which dates back to the 13th century has made its way to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

The town is entirely pedestrianized leaving visitors no choice but to walk. From the parking area the first thing visible is the castle's covered three-storey corridor which was erected on massive pillars vaulted together on each storey. The castle looks intriguing and is very extensive, being second in size only to Prague Castle in Czech Republic. 

The entrance into the town is a short walk away from the parking area. After crossing a bridge over Vltava River the town becomes visible. The entire town comprising narrow cobblestone-paved streets, quaint shops and restaurants, old churches, ancient squares, and mysterious stairways appear unadulterated by modernisation and development. Cesky Krumlov exudes an ambiance that would attract almost anyone as every corner looks like a picture perfect scenario. 

I snapped a lot of pictures to remember this place. Here's part of my collection.


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Tonight is a big night! I'm feasting to see all your magnificent photos!

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