Friday, 31 August 2018

Slovakia:A Short Tour Around Bratislava

I spent very little time in Slovakia, just enough to sightsee its capital city and visit the city's most prominent attraction. Once a part of the Soviet Union, this landlocked country is bordered to the west by Czech Republic and Austria, to the north by Poland,  to the east by Ukraine and to the south by Hungary. It's capital city Bratislava is located on its western border and is the only capital that is bordered by two other countries (namely Austria and Hungary).

Bratislava is a small and relaxing city. There's neither traffic congestion nor huge crowds even in major tourist destination. It's main attraction which is also its most prominent landmark is Bratislava Castle, a 9th century castle that is steeped in history. This castle is built on a hill overlooking Danube River and the city's old town.

Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle is a vast complex comprising several buildings. This castle has witnessed many historical events among which are the coronation of eleven kings and eight queens. It was ruined several times by fire and has been deserted before. It has also undergone reconstruction,  extension and renovation from time to time over the centuries. What you see today is a castle that looks rejuvenated and beaming bright with a fresh white paint makeover.

From the car park visitors who are using the main gate will have to walk up a slope. There are four entrance gates into the castle and the one at the main entrance is called Vienna Gate. 

Along the way visitors will pass by the west terrace which were originally used to house troops and labourers as well as stables and other outbuildings. This block now houses a restaurant and the washrooms.

The main castle building has 4 towers and you can view its different facades if you walk around it.

The courtyard in front of the main building is called The Yard of Honour (Honorary Courtyard) on which stands the statue of Sv√§topluk I.

The foundation of a very ancient basilica can be seen in its garden.

From the castle ground, visitors can see a nice view of Danube River which not only meanders its way through Slovakia but across 8 other countries. Several bridges that link the opposite banks can be seen from here.

Visitors can also get a good view of the city.

For 10 Euros visitors can opt to hop onto these trams that provide guided tour up to the castle and around town.

Bratislava Sightseeing
National Council of the Slovak Republic Building

The city

Eurovea - shopping center in Bratislava

Statue at the open courtyard of Eurovea

Milan Rastislav Stefanik Monument overlooking Danube River, in Bratislava. (Milan Rastislav Stefanik is a prominent Slovak politician and diplomat).

New Slovak National Theatre

Bratislava City

Bratislava City

Chinese Restaurant In Bratislava


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Thank you for bringing me around Bratislava! It's a nice place!

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most welcome

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