Tuesday 9 October 2018

Scenic Drive In Austria

I've thoroughly enjoyed Austria as it undoubtedly beautiful. There's a whole lot of things to love about this country and what I saw more than fulfill my expectation of it. The cities are superb, the only village that I visited is full of charm and the drive from one destination to another is unbelievably panoramic. I particularly love the alpine drive on my way into and out of Hallstatt where the snow capped mountains tower high and appear so majestic. I also love the countryside with its farm houses, the rolling vines and the thousands of wind turbines that generate power for the country. 

Captured here are some beautiful images taken during my bus journey. It's not easy to take photos on a moving bus with stained windows but I've managed to get 13 which will make memories for me albeit they may not be the best shots.

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