Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Mauritius: Aanari Hotel & Spa Photo Review

In Mauritius I stayed at Aanari Hotel & Spa. I remember traversing the whole length of Mauritius Island to get to this hotel from the airport as the airport is located on the eastern end while Aanari Hotel is on the western end. Since Mauritius is just a small island the journey only took an hour or so.
Aanari Hotel & Spa is a moderate size hotel with 50 rooms. The standard room I stayed in is a bit aged and room maintenance is not that tip top with sink leaking and so on but the hotel does have its plus points. Firstly its location is quite ideal as it is positioned right in the hub of Flic En Flac Village. There is a supermarket just beside the hotel. The post office and police station are just across the road. Many eateries can be found in the vicinity. The Pasadena Village which is a small shopping mall is literally annexed to it and one of Mauritius's top beaches, Flic En Flac beach is just a stone's throw away. 

Putting aside its mentioned flaws, the general ambiance is elegant. There is a cozy garden with a pool in its midst. There are many interesting corners to explore and the hotel ground is nicely embellished with ornaments and statues. The hotel also serves delectable buffet breakfast and dinner so despite its shortcoming, I still ended liking the hotel. 

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