Tuesday 2 April 2013

Medan Travel Part 7: Tingting, Tongtong, Pingping, Pongpong

There is a shop cum factory in Pematang Siantar that sells many types of peanut and sesame snacks. By the way Pematang Siantar is a town we pass through on our way to Lake Toba. These snacks are not unfamiliar to me or to the Chinese community in Malaysia but over here they do not have specific names. We just refer to them as "peanut candy"  "sesame noughut"  "sesame dodol" etc. 
The proprietor of this place however came up with a brilliant idea to call their products by catchy names ending with the "ng" sound. Thus we have one snack called tengteng, while another, tingting, yet another tangtang, pingping, pongpong, pangpang etc. 
This shop must be doing very well as tour buses bring tourists by the busloads to get some souvenir home.
The snacks are packed in nice colourful boxes.
Sampling is allowed before purchase. Do I like them?  No,cos' most are too sweet.
There is also a mix and match of syllables as more types of products are created.
Till now the sound of tingting tangtang pingping pangpang still rings in my ears.

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