Wednesday, 14 December 2011

* The Majestic Hotel , Melaka

Some historical information about The Majestic Hotel should be of interest to you if you are planning to lodge here. 
The hotel was originally a mansion owned by a Chinese tycoon by the name of Leong Long Mun. Built in 1927 and completed in 1929, it has many rooms, apparently to house a big family as this man had many children.It was sold to a businessman in 1955 who turned it into a hotel. Years later in year 2006 , YTL acquired the hotel and added a new building behind the existing one.The present Majestic Hotel was reopened in year 2008.
This is the exterior view of The Majestic Hotel. The building in front is the heritage mansion and the high-rise behind is the new building. 
My first impression of Majestic Hotel wasn't a very good one. The facade looks old-fashion and I was wondering why pay so much to stay in an old hotel.
This is the hotel reception lobby and lounge. We were greeted by some very courteous staffs.The interior set-up and decor is surprisingly nice compared with the external facade. There is a mixture of old and new concept in the entire hotel. The hotel tried to preserve the original structures of the mansion as much they could, but has also refurbished it to add a classic feel.
We stayed in the Deluxe Room. The room is cozy, and the setting unique much to my liking.
All guest rooms are located on the high-rise building. The mansion only houses the hotel reception, lounge, library, spa and restaurant.
There is this cute clawfoot bathtub in the washroom. Our room overlooks the Malacca River where you can go for a cruise.
The service in this hotel is undeniably good. 
There is a small reading room on the lobby floor. 
Other facilities available include a swimming pool and a gymnasium which are just adjacent to each other. The pool is very narrow and small. The gym is OK.
The hotel also offers spa services (pay service).
The hotel restaurant is located on the floor above the lobby. Our room comes with breakfast but the choices were rather limited. 
The unique thing about this hotel is tit-bits like these are placed in a few places in the lounge for guests to help themselves. 
There are nuts, sweets , biscuits and I particularly like the preserved olives (on the left). I think I ate about 30-40 of these.
The Windmill near the Red Square

The location of the hotel is not too bad. It is in the quieter part of the city but near enough to tourist hotspots like The Red Square, Fort A Famosa and  Jonker's Street.
(20 minutes walk) 
The hotel is kind of pricey but the service is excellent.

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