Monday, 5 December 2011

* Philea Resort & Spa, Malacca

We just came back from a 3D/2N stay in Philea Resort And Spa, Malacca. This resort is very different from all others we've stayed. Spanning over 15 acres of land, it is not only the first but also the largest log resort ever built in Malaysia. The way it is constructed using pine logs from Siberia, recycled materials from shipwrecks and disused railway sleepers certainly makes it one of its kind in this country. Its uniqueness and creative landscape left us quite impressed actually.
There are three types of accommodation in the resort; the pavillion rooms (180 units), the suites(19 units) and the Royal Villas (2 units). This photo shows the pavillion rooms - 2 units on the upper floor and 2 units on the lower floor. The walls are however not sound proof. We stayed on the lower floor and could hear every footstep from the upper floor. 
These are the suites which we should have opted for to get better sleep.
The pavillion room is quite well appointed. The walls, ceiling and floor which are all wood and log is a picture of coziness.

The washroom
The washroom
The washroom
The toiletries provided
Room facilities
The complimentary slippers.
The veranda

This is taken outside our room. There is a man-made waterfall and a swimming pool just below it.
The swimming pool

It is nice to hear the gushing sound of this waterfall but the motor is switched off at night so gone will be the gushing sound too.

Other recreational activities include the pools and board games.
Also available are the gym and spa.
The bar is located adjacent to the reception lobby.
Breakfast on our 1st morning was at Nusantara Restaurant. There is a fair spread of food but taste wise I would rate it generally as average.

The sandwich was an exception as it tasted very nice.
The Koi fish pond outside Nusantara Restaurant.
Breakfast on our 2nd morning was at Cravo Cravo Restaurant.
Food quality is much better at Cravo Cravo.
The is the reception lobby. The service was so sluggish during our stay here. 
The unique chair at the lobby
the lobby lounge
the reception building at night
the landscaped ponds
The surrounding
Outside a suite
Buggies ply about the sloppy resort path to ferry guests around.
The signage just after the Air Keroh Toll Plaza.

This is quite a good getaway for guests who want something different. The setback is its distance from Malacca town as the town is quite far away. There are also frequent traffic jams along the road leading into town. First time visitors to Malacca who want to explore the historical town may find staying here a little inconvenient. The service needs improvement too. The staffs work sluggishly and it takes ages before you are entertained. 


Anonymous said...

Nice resort. I am planning to go there this christmas.

Lily... said...

Do enjoy yourself. Hopefully the service is better this time.

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