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* Villa Samadhi, Kuala Lumpur - An Urban Retreat

Villa Samadhi is a boutique hotel with just 21 rooms. Even though it is located in a quiet upscale residential area, it actually takes only a few minutes to drive to the busiest parts of KL. (About 1.5 km to city centre and 1.5 km to KLCC) 
We chose to stay in Villa Samadhi as it has got too many good reviews from people who have stayed there before. Nothing is like seeing and experiencing the place for ourselves, we thought.
This hotel is exclusive for its guests as the gate into the hotel premise is kept closed all the time. I learnt that children below 12 years old are not allowed here.
This is the entrance into the hotel reception area/lobby. This place is lit with candles at night.(see picture below)
We were greeted by a few junior staffs (Myanmar Nationals) upon arrival. The senior staff (who is most probably the manager) wasn't too keen to say hello even though we were the only ones around.
The 21 rooms are individually designed with their own unique characters. Some come with kitchens, some with private gardens, some with plunge pools, some with balconies, etc. The room we stayed in is called 'The Loft' probably because it is on a higher level compared to the others.
This room has a very unique ceiling. (shape of a V)
Behind the bed is a study table.If you open the window you will see this view. (see Picture below)
I was a little amused by this quaint little chair as it reminds me of "Flinstones" a cartoon series I watched as a child.
The Loft is more a villa than a room as it comes with a big lounge and a courtyard with a plunge pool .(Picture shows the closet area.)
This is the corner with coffee & tea making facilities.
The spacious lounge
The lounge is furnished with a sofa set, a rocking chair, a tv and reading materials.
Complimentary Malay cakes (kueh ketayap) were sent to the room during tea time.
The door is unique and the latch reminiscent of the one in my old home. 
The lounge opens out to a courtyard/balcony.
There is a plunge pool in the courtyard but the water didn't look clean as there were too many sediments floating on it. . 
This is the washroom.
We were happy with the toiletries provided. (esp the dental floss)
The washroom also opens out to the courtyard.I love this part of the design as it gives one a feeling of airiness.
View of our villa from the plunge pool.
We were invited for cocktail at the hotel bar.This bar is just above our room.
This bar is very tiny. It probably takes in 15 persons at the most. I was wondering what would happen if guests from all 21 rooms were to converge here at the same time. (assuming full occupancy at the hotel) The cocktail snack was pathetic. It came in quantity as small as two spoons.
The decors in the room and around the hotel are mostly indigenous to the tribal Thai people.
The hotel frontage where you park your vehicles.
The passageway that lead you to the swimming pool.
This is the most beautiful part of the hotel. Other than the swimming pool there are few other facilities available (there is no gym or other form of recreational activities)
The swimming pool is shaped like a lagoon so sometimes it is referred to as the lagoon.
I was surprised to find a statue of Buddha in the hotel premise. The hotel is probably owned by a Buddhist. I also found out what "Samadhi" means. It means the highest stage in meditation in which a person experiences oneness with the universe.
This is the only restaurant in the hotel. It is called the Mandi-Mandi Restaurant.
The restaurant looks nice from the outside but I was surprised by its simplicity inside.
Our room came with breakfast but the food was, sad to say, pathetic. Food portion was small and probably insufficient if you are a normal eater. Nothing tasted nice that morning. The local cuisine (nasi lemak), the porridge and their own-made jam were all a let down. I wonder too whether the cook is a trained chef as this same guy (a Bangladesh National) was also seen multi tasking. (He was making cocktails at the sky bar. He was also the waiter).

My personal rating for this place:
Room:  A
Service: B+
Food: D
Room Facilities: A
Hotel Facilities: C
Value for money: C
Exclusivity: A

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