Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 8: Hooray! 2 Nights In Cinda Hoi Tak Hotel, Urumqi

During my Silk Road Tour, we checked in and out of hotels almost every other day. This is certainly not my idea of an ideal vacation as it means having to bring heavy luggages to the room, unpack, repack, exercising caution not to leave anything behind and bringing them up to the bus again the next day. That couldn't be help I suppose as the places we were visiting are far apart and we had to cover more than 4000km of travelling. 
When I heard we were spending 2 nights in Hoi Tak Hotel, Urumqi, my heart danced with joy. I could afford to be a little lazy and litter the room a little more.
As usual I am doing a brief review on this hotel. The bedroom is reasonably sized, with comfortable beds. There is no fan and the air-cond. didn't seem to function well. Fortunately the weather was cool and we slept well.
Wifi is not available but other than that it has reasonably good facilities. See photos below.
The only drinking water available came in a hot and cool water dispenser.
Cleanliness in the washroom was satisfactory and the water heater functioned well.

This is the view taken from my room.
The hotel is not located in a shopping area but there are a few grocery shops nearby. There are a number of banks and a big park in the vicinity.
There is a gym. and a swimming pool on the 6th floor but we didn't have time to use these facilities.
 The lobby lounge is quite charming.
This wall-to-wall built-in aquarium at the lobby lounge is the centre of attention for hotel patrons.
Attending staffs at the restaurant could not speak English and lacked courteousness. All other staffs couldn't speak English too.
Breakfast cuisines served was just so-so. For two consecutive days the menu stayed exactly the same. 
The bar lounge with multi-colored sofas.
We didn't get to see any entertainment at the lounge area.
Having stayed an extra night made all the difference. I left the hotel feeling well-rested.

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Hi Wei Seong Chin,
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nice hotel wish to visit it.

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There could be better ones in Urumqi, just scout around a little more.

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Love to see all these amazing pics about your hotel and accommodation.
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Glad u like them.

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