Friday, 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 21: The Journey To Hami

Kumtag Desert was the last place we visited in Xinjiang. We were going to cross into the province of Gansu to visit our next destination, Dunhuang. But Dunhuang is more than 800km away and would require more than 10 hours of travelling on the road. Because of that we had to transit in the city of Hami for the night, midway between Turpan and Dunhuang.

Below are pictures I took during my journey into Hami . I inserted  one slide specially on the scenery of my journey around the arid Turpan region too.   
You can also catch  glympses of Hami City. 
Do enjoy the snapshots.
After leaving Turpan, it was a long 6 hour drive into Hami, our transit town. If we were travelling on the actual Silk Route, we would probably be on camels, horses or donkeys on deserty paths and rocky mountain terrains but here we are travelling on beautiful well-maintained highways. I particularly enjoyed my journey into the city of Hami.
It was very scenic on some stretches and the highway was so smooth, there was hardly any discomfort due to motion sickness.
Special appreciation goes to our coach driver who kept to the 100km speed limit throughout the Silk Road journey.
Occasionally we passed through large fields of power generating windmills.
There were occasional toll booths & police checks.
The only not so-nice things are the highway toilets which are spaced far apart. Most of the toilets  were smelly, a few very dirty without any running water. Complain all I want, this is already not bad compared to travelling in China years ago as the toilets here are with latched doors. (I have made 4 trips to China prior to this and encountered  many toilets without any doors.)

These photos were taken during my journey around  the arid Turpan region as a comparison with the journey into Hami as seen  above.
We finally arrived at Hami City.
Glimpses of Hami City
Glimpses of Hami City
Glimpses of Hami City
Glimpses Of Hami City
There is a melon named after Hami. The Hami melons were originally grown in Hami and we passed through many Hami melon farms.
Hami melons (LHS) are very sweet.

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