Friday 10 October 2014

China Silk Road Travel Part 25: A Camel Ride At Echoing Sand Dunes

There were a few hundred camels waiting to take people up the sand dunes. These camels belong to different owners and they are numbered to ensure the rentals are not monopolised by a particular owner. In other words you don't get to choose the camel you want to ride on.
Among all the camels there is one that stood out as it is the fairest of them all.
I wasn't sure whether I could ride on it as the number on your ticket will determine which camel will be assigned to you. I was blessed that day as the number given to me was the number of this camel - the cutest of them all.  
That's my lovely camel.
You will have to get on or off a camel while it is sitting. When it flexes its knees to get up you will get two very strong jerks and likewise when it sits down so in order not to be thrown off you will have to hold tight to the metal loop attached to its hump.
The hike up started.
After a fairly long ride up the dune, the camels rested for half an hour.
We enjoyed the view from a higher altitude. The Echoing Sand Dune is really vast, measuring 80km long and 40km wide.
After the break, we made our descent on the same camel that took us up.

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