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An Excursion To South America: 6 Staying in Hilton Hotel Rio De Janeiro, Copacabana

Hilton Hotel, Copacabana is where I stayed in Rio de Janeiro. I would rate it as a 4 to 5 star hotel but it is not always how posh or how many stars accorded to a hotel that makes one's stay memorable. Somehow I like this place and my stay here was a pleasurable and pleasant one.
The hotel is located just steps away from the world famous Copacabana Beach. It may not be in the hub of the city but it is in very close proximity to places you may need to go like the supermarkets, the money changer, eateries, etc. A night market operates every Sunday after 6pm along the promenade across the beach and this too is just a short walk away. Rio's major tourist attractions and the airport are all at convenient distances as well.

It may not be a very new hotel but it is quite well maintained. I like the spaciousness at the lobby area, the lobby lounge and the beautifully lit hallways.

There are two main restaurants and this one called 'The View' is where buffet breakfast is served each morning. Named 'The View' because the view from its floor to ceiling glass window is simply amazing as this restaurant overlooks the beautiful Copacabana Beach and South Atlantic Ocean. 
The lobby bar is chic-looking but not that cozy.
Among facilities available are the spas and a fitness centre.
One of the best places to hang out at the hotel is the roof top. Two pools and a pool bar are located here. The pools are just good enough for dips as they are too small to swim in but the panorama this roof top offers is simply fantastic. Some of the pictures I took are posted below.

Views From The Roof Top
The whole stretch of Copacabana Beach, the promenade and South Atlantic Ocean seen from the roof top is quite a spectacle.
 Leme Hill, Sugar Loaf Mountain and the offshore islands is a vista to behold.
Corcovado Mountain and a big part of Rio can also be seen.
Rio is filled with favelas (city slums) and you get a good view of a few from the roof top. These favelas have become synonymous with Rio so much so souvenirs are made in their likes. (See picture below)
A souvenir item.

The Room
I stayed in an ordinary room with good facilities and fantastic ocean view.
Though not very spacious, the facilities available are commendable. WiFi is at top notch speed. 

The spacious washroom with a broad sink top, a water hose beside the toilet bowl and extra pillows for the bed are some of the features I most appreciate about this room.

Another great thing about the room is the amazing view.

Buffet Breakfast
Though not excessively elaborate, breakfast spread is generous with a few items that are good enough to make you look forward to eating them again the next morning.

A sumptuous breakfast and a soothing panorama is a great start to a long day.

So going to Rio for the first time and need a place to stay?  Give Hilton Copacabana a try.

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