Wednesday, 18 October 2017

An Excursion To South America: 29. Resto Del Glaciar

Restaurants I visited are either remembered for their authentic flavours and great tasting cuisines or their captivating or quaint decor. There is however this restaurant that neither serves great tasting food nor is charmingly decorated but which has earned a spot in my list of memorable restaurants. 
During an excursion around Los Glaciares National park we dined at Resto Del Glaciar as it was conveniently located within the park. The weather was cold and I was looking forward to a great meal after a boat cruise to view the southern wall of the glacier in the morning.
I couldn't believe what I saw from inside the restaurant. That glorious wall of ice (Perito Moreno Glacier) looked like it was just a stone's throw away from the glass window. What an incredible view this restaurant commands! I chose a seat beside the window so that I could soak in that gorgeous spectacle even though I have just come back from a cruise whereI could see the glacier at close range (You can never get enough of this glacier as it is incredibly beautiful).
The service was sluggish and the food was slow to be served. While waiting I walked the length of the wall with the glass window to capture some mesmerizing images of the panorama outside.
Let me first talk about the food and the service of this restaurant. I asked for hot tea and my first disappointment was the tea was served in a styrofoam instead of a porcelain cup. I had to get that changed myself by going to a kitchen staff instead of going through the waiters who work rather sluggisly.The next disappointment was the pumpkin soup which I'll rate a 'C' for the lack of flavour. 
Not too happy with the bland soup, the stew didn't fare any better. The taste was  weird and was barely palatable.
The dessert came ages after I finished the meal. The berry ice-cream was creamy and should be nice for the sweet toothed but it was too sweet to be appreciated by me. Overall it wasn't a meal that made me happy.
The bad meal and service was fortunately compensated by a picture perfect panorama I saw from the window. Here are some of my favourite snapshots from the dining hall of Resto del Glaciar.
Among all the restaurants I have dined in, Resto del Glaciar has earned the title 'Restaurant With The Best View'.

The panorama from Resto del Glaciar is certainly unrivaled. 
The ambiance and scenery outside the restaurant was also one to die for. It was refreshing and calming and just inhaling the air here, the lousy meal was soon forgotten.

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29. Resto del Glaciar, Argentina

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