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An Excursion To South America: 10. Loi Suite Iguazu, A Jungle Hotel

The accommodation during our entire South America Travel has been pre-arranged. The trip was an expensive one but what we paid was fortunately what we got. I appreciate the fact that we were put up in upper-end and luxurious hotels all the way with one costing as much as RM2350 per night. 
The base hotel chosen for our tours to Iguazu Falls was Loi Suite Iguazu. I doubt I would choose this hotel if I were travelling on my own as it is located in the middle of a jungle where transportation is hard to come by. But a fully guided excursion does have its perks as buses would be right at our doorstep to take us around. 
For travellers seeking accommodation with the view to visit Iguazu Falls, Loi Suites Iguazu should make a good hotel choice provided money and transportation are not a problem.
Loi Suites is a hotel with a resort setting. It is located in the midst of Iryapu Jungle and beside the Iguazu River. Without pollution and irritating sounds of passing vehicles and without the hustle and bustle of town activities, hotel guests can enjoy real tranquility here.
The entrance to the reception building looks modest but the interior which also houses the lounge and a bar does exude a simple charm and a luxury of space.

The furnishing and decor are kept simple but elegant and there is always ample space to sit or move around.

There are quite a number of facilities for hotel guests like a computer corner, a library, a gym, a spa, and a kid's playroom but I didn't have the liberty of time to explore all I wish.

A main attraction of the hotel is the swimming pool which is uniquely architected. The pool is divided into a few compartments and one of them is heated. 
Just outside the main reception hall  is a nice terrace which overlooks the swimming pools and a luxuriant foliage.
There are two jungle trails with cobbled path.
At the edge of the hotel you can find a pier on the Iguazu River.
There are 4 blocks of accommodation as well as individual villa units. Some of the blocks are linked by suspension bridges.
The studio, superior and suite rooms are located on these 3 storey blocks. 
I stayed in a 37 sq meter studio room which I love for its spaciousness.
This room on the first floor has a floor to ceiling glass window overlooking the jungle. It is covered with a netting to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from getting in. We kept it closed all the time as there are many mosquitoes outside. There is also the fear of snakes creeping in.
It is adequately equipped with facilities for a comfortable stay including high speed WiFi.

The room comes with an impressive and spacious washroom with impeccable cleanliness.

There are two bars and one restaurant within this resort. Our room came with breakfast  which was served at Naipi Restaurant. We also had an a la carte dinner meal here.
Breakfast spread was commendable. It was here that I was introduced to 'mate cocido', a traditional tea that is consumed in some South American countries.
You also get to try a few local delights.

An A La Carte Dinner
I didn't enjoy my a la carte dinner though. The presentation of food is excellent but it came with a taste and cooking style that did not appease the palette.

Despite its secluded location, it is just 4km from Puerto Iguazu, the Argentinian town near The Triple Frontier. It is about 20km from Iguazu National Park and 20+ km to the either airport (Foz do Iguazu airport at Brazil border and Cataratas del IguazĂș airport at the Argentinian border).

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