Monday 31 July 2017

An Excursion To South America: 8.The Argentinian Side Of Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls is an amazing natural phenomenon that has earned itself a spot in 'One of The New Seven Natural Wonders Of The World'. Located at the border of Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu is not an individual waterfall but a system of waterfalls that stretches over a perimeter of 2.7 km along the Iguazu River, making it the widest series of waterfalls in the world. All in there are 275 falls most of which are located in the Argentinian territory but this number actually varies with the season.
While the major length of Iguazu River flows through Brazil, only one third of the falls are found in its territory.  It has also become a common topic of discussion whether the Argentinian side is better than the Brazilian side to view these spectacular falls. We have in fact spent two days, one on each side visiting the falls on both territories. I'm of the opinion that visiting Iguazu Falls would be incomplete without viewing them from both sides as both offer vistas that are equally stunning and awe-inspiring.
The Iguazu Falls of Argentina are located in Iguazu National Park which has been gazetted a World Heritage UNESCO Site. Entrance into the park costs about 40 AR Peso (approx.USD2.25). A map of the park is posted near the entrance to help visitors understand the paths they have to take to view these falls. The falls actually split Iguazu River into two levels, namely Lower Iguazu and Upper Iguazu. Visitors can see the waterfalls from a lower altitude by following the Lower Circuit (path marked blue) or from a higher altitude by following the Upper Circuit (path marked red) or from both which was what we did. 

Lower Circuit & Upper Circuit 
The walking trails starts 1.5km from the park entrance. Trains are provided for visitors to get to the Falls Station which marks the beginning of both the lower and upper circuits. There are 8 lookout points on the lower circuit and 6 on the upper circuit where you can savour the best panorama of the waterfalls. The lower circuit leads to the base of the falls whereas the upper circuit  brings you to view the falls from the top.  
The jungle train provides unlimited free rides for visitors who have bought entree ticket into the park.
Boardwalks constructed around the walking trail provides easy accessibility to the falls even for the aged or handicapped.

Iguazu Falls From The Lower Circuit
A collection of photos I took from the Lower Circuit is posted below.

Mesmerizing rainbows appear to enhance the beauty of many falls that we visited. These rainbows are formed due to refraction of sunlight in the sprays of the cascading falls.

Great Adventure Tour From The Lower Circuit
To get up close with the falls and experience an exciting adventure, visitors can pay extra for "The Great Adventure" tour organised by an agent called Iguazu Jungle within the park. 
For this we had to walk down a steep flight of many stairs from the Lower Circuit and headed for the pier where we were given waterproof bags and made to wear life jackets. Raincoats were not provided but we anticipated it to be a very 'wet' experience and brought our own. 
We board the boat and sailed along the Lower Iguazu River for a few kilometers enjoying a scenery with plentiful rapids and waterfalls. The most exciting point comes when facing the San Martín Waterfalls. The boat literally went under one of the falls for us to experience the torrential gushing of cold water making us drenched despite the raincoats. 

It was an out of the world experience, very wet but very fun.
The second part of the tour was a boring ride along a jungle path on this open-air truck where a commentator would introduce the place’s natural and cultural resources. 

Iguazu Falls From The Upper Circuit
Visitors will get a totally different perspective of the falls viewing them from the Upper Circuit. Below is a collection of photographs taken while walking along its trail.

Devil's Throat
The highlight of the day was a visit to Devil's Throat which comprises 14 of Iguazu's tallest and most powerful falls. A 1.2 km walk along the boardwalk and bridges ultimately brought us to the most majestic of falls seen for the day.

The largest quantity of water passes through this part of Iguazu Falls. The power of the gushing water is so strong, voices would be drowned and one will eventually get wet by the sprays. Here the falls drop an astounding 80 meters (266 feet).

It was an unforgettable day, soaking in the glory of Iguazu and phew, it was mind-blowing. Daebak indeed! Iguazu Falls really, really rock.

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