Saturday 3 August 2013

A Day Trip To Muar Part 2: A Cup Of Muar Coffee

A cup of coffee would definitely compliment the otak otaks which we feasted on earlier. Since we were in Muar we decided to go for Muar's most famous brand which is Sai Kee Coffee, also known as Kopi 434.
Painted in deep yellow and with very prominent  signage , it is almost impossible to miss this coffee shop at No 121 Jalan Maharani. 
This is among some of the nicest coffee shops I've seen in Malaysia. The walls and ceilings which are entirely paved with pine wood and the coffee tables and chairs which are made of teak and marble have successfully emanated a classic feel and ambiance.
Sai Kee coffee which was founded in 1953 by a Chinese migrant from Hainan Island has now become a local household name.
This shop sells a variety of coffee and espresso. Light meals are also available. We have to admit the coffee here is rich in aroma and taste and is authentically Muar. 
This is the non-air conditioned section of the coffee shop.


Muarian said...

I agree this is one of the best in Muar.

Jill said...

Good advice for when I book hotels in NYC for new years eve!

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