Sunday 11 August 2013

A Day Trip To Muar Part 4: Tanjung Emas & Tanjung Ketapang Photo Gallery

Tanjung Emas located just 1.5km away from Muar town is a riverfront recreational park which the Muar folks are blessed with. There are so many activities one can do here, from jogging, strolling, tai chi to just sitting down and enjoying the river breeze or sunset view.
Clock Tower at Dataran Tanjung Emas.
Just beside Tanjung Emas is Tanjung Ketapang, a mangrove park. The monkeys roam freely here and occasionally approach visitors for food.
A raised platform built to facilitate visitors' eco-tour around the place.
An interesting sighting: A mud skipper 
An interesting sighting: A single claw crab.

A mangrove plant
It's muddy all the way to the river estuarine.
Muar has certainly got its charms.

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