Sunday 1 September 2013

Puncak Inn , Fraser's Hill

Puncak Inn comes into full view the moment you reach the town square of Fraser's Hill. There are a dozen open-air parking lots just outside the hotel and a few more across the road for patrons who drive.
This 3-floored walk-up hotel  is managed by Fraser's Hill Development Corporation which also serves as a Tourist Information Centre where maps and brochures are available to the public.
This hotel is 3-floored rather than 3-storeyed as each floor is individually built on its own foundation. They are linked by a straight flight of stairs all the way to the 4th level where you can find a relaxation hut.
This hut is also a good viewpoint overlooking the golf course and the little town of Fraser's Hill.
View from the hut on the 4th floor.
The reception service is more than satisfactory but there is no luxury of concierge service with a ready porter to carry your luggage for you.
This hotel has been refurbished not too long ago and everything still looks fresh and new when I was there.
The hotel setting is colonial with decor and furnishing that are tasteful and appealing.
Hotel facilities are modest - just some reading materials, some indoor games, a restaurant, & a relaxation hut. There is no gym, swimming pool, sauna or spa. 

Hotel Exterior
There is a gift shop at the hotel entrance.
And there are bicycles for rent.

Puncak Inn is located in the town square, which in my opinion is the best location to lodge in Fraser's Hill.
The best floor to stay is the 1st floor as there is no elevator. 1st floor also offers the best window views of the town square.
Fronting the second  and third floor is a hill slope. From the windows of the 2nd floor units, you can only see the roofs of the lower floors. The window view of the 3rd floor is slightly better.( a view of the distant golf course and the sky perhaps)
We stayed at Room No 105 on the first floor.
This room called the Standard Room is the smallest hotel room I've ever stayed in. Measuring only slightly more than 100 square feet it is not easy to take a photo of the whole room. This one has to be taken from the corridor with the door opened. 
The setting though modest, is pleasant. The facilities include a TV, free WIFI, a ceiling fan (no air-cond) and  coffee/tea facilities. There is no safety box or mini-bar.

The washroom is very tiny but its cleanliness is satisfactory.
The water heater functions well.

Basic toiletries include 2 pieces of soap and 1 shower cap, 1 toilet roll & 2 towels. There is no shampoo, conditioner or hair dryer.
The in-house hotel restaurant called Dolio Restaurant offers a variety of food at very reasonable prices.
Diners can dine indoor or al fresco.
All rooms come with breakfast albeit a simple one. There is bread, butter and  jam.
 coffee and tea
A choice of American Breakfast
Or nasi lemak.

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